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Flexxon is 100% focused on developing products and solutions, which are customized to support various Industrial
performance requirements for our customers. We have the largest account base of Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical and
Automotive (CIMA) customers in the world.


FLEXXON offers industrial grade SATA II and SATA III SSD products, including 2.5”, Half Slim, mSATA, mSATA mini, M.2, SATA DOM, CFast, uSSD form factors.


FLEXXON supplies legacy PATA products , including 2.5”, 1.8”, PATA DOM and CF Card form factors.


FLEXXON designs PCIe SSD for enterprise application, which is compliance with PCIe Gen 3×4 and NVMe.


FLEXXON offers industrial grade eMMC 4.5 and eMMC 5.0, which support 100ball, 153ball and 169ball.

Memory Card

FLEXXON supplies industrial grade SD & microSD with different performance levels, which supports SD2.0, SD3.0 and SD4.0.


FLEXXON manufactures USB DOM and USB Flash Drive equipped with USB2.0 and USB3.0 interfaces.

Why Choose FLEXXON

  • Long Product Life
  • Fixed BOM
  • Industrial Grade
  • Special Capacity and Customize Memory Solution
  • Strong Technical Support
  • Support HMLV (High-Mix Low Volume)

Quality and Product Reliability Assurance

Full product qualification test, from component, system to production
Full reliability test, includes mechanical test, environmental test, packaging and printing test

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Value-Added Customization Service

  • F.W Customization to meet full compatibility of different customer platform requirement
  • PCB re-layout design to meet different requirement
  • Pre-loaded Content
  • Label Printing
  • Packaging
  • Product ID / Parameters etc.
  • Laser Etching
  • Format Load
  • We are open for discussion for all customization services which is not
    listed here

Focus & Value

  • Provides various industrial grade selection to achieve cost effectiveness
  • Support special, non-standard capacity and solutions
  • Fixed BOMs to control, no changes to the controller, firmware or NAND without the issuance of a Product Change Notification
  • Support High Mid Low Volume (HMLV)
  • Includes regulatory cert. (UL, CE, WEEE, ROHS)
  • Provide the longest life cycle product in the worldwide

Our Products

Constantly undergoing multiple rounds of product qualification and reliability tests, Flexxon aims to only provide compatible and reliable industrial grade products and solutions to our CIMA customers worldwide.

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