Flexxon AES Secure Memory Card

Secure SD Card

Prevent Malicious Attacks and
Keep The Essential Data Safe

AES Security Card

The advanced security features of AES Secure SD Card are useful in various sectors
where the security of the  stored data is paramount.

Encrypted and
Decrypted Presentation

Encrypts instantly during the writing
operation and decrypts the written data
automatically before presenting
toward the user


Ensures AES, TRNG and Authentication
security in-memory storage and prohibits
unauthorized access by using AES
technique security module

Energy and Power-loss

Sets the static electricity discharge and
minimizes the radiation limits and protects data loss and corruption for
unexpected power cut


Provides a safe application for ESD and
EMI while storing data and increases
efficiency and ability to perform under
different temperature

Maintaining total data security and preventing malicious attacks is essential in every sector so we need secure SD cards. The AES-256 security in microSD contains features to enhance security attributes. Therefore for Secure memory card encryption, Flexxon has introduced AES Secure Memory Cards to make sure the data is safe from unprecedented events.

Cybercriminals are already out there looking for a loophole to exploit crucial information within the application system. Ensuring unbreakable data security is important that Flexxon AES  Secure SD Card. It is a reliable and faster data storage solution designed with advanced AES techniques together with security modules to protect all kinds of cybercrime threats.

The Flexxon AES Secure Memory Card automatically encrypts microSD cards’ data within the storage into the flash memory during the writing operation. After that, the data is fetched by decrypt in the reading cycle before presenting to the user. The AES techniques along with the security modules, the flash storage device prevent unauthorized access.

Flexxon AES Secure SD card fortifies and ensures intact data security. Within the AES-256 interface, this memory solution gives AES, TRNG, and Authentication for multiple securities through multiple partitions such as Encryption partition, public partition, and read-only partition.


Hardware-based reliable and faster encryption and decryption

Security Module

AES techniques protect sections of the flash storage from unauthorized access


Flash cells increase the efficiency and endurance of the storage solution

High Performance

Designed to endure and perform in wide industrial temperature conditions

Strengthen Data Defense Within The Application
Devices With AES Secure SD Card

To prevent security loopholes, this AES secure SD card encrypts the data making it the
optimum storage solution for industrial applications from every sector

Government Sector

AES Secure Memory Card is highly important for federal and defense applications to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Business Environment

AES Storage Solution keeps the POS and consumer applications safe from any sort of unprecedented action. Crucial financial information remains safe from being exposed by the financial data breach and malicious attacks.

Healthcare Sector

The hospitals and medical applications also require the highest level of data security so that there is no loophole of a data hack. AES Secure SD Card functionality assures that no critical medical information is under attack.

Law Enforcement Agencies and Legal Firms

AES Secure Memory Card is essential for law enforcement agencies and legal firms. It safeguards the confidential information and authenticates further court proceedings.


To manage top-notch security for Automotive Application for ADAS System and the Internet of Things, AES security solution is mandatory to avoid IoT vulnerabilities or MitM attacks.

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