The world has become digitalized. We prefer to keep every sort of documents and record in digital format, especially in memory cards but how safe it is to do that. Certain files can be modified or removed due to illegal motives and this may lead you to vulnerabilities. Such threats can easily demolish your career, company reputation, intrigue sensitive files, destroy the authenticity of crucial information, incur a loss in revenue, or can put a life in danger. To stay clear of the risk of data manipulation, Flexxon introduces a WORM storage solution that is effective.

What is the WORM storage solution?

WORM states for the elaboration of Write-Once-Read-Many storage. It lets you write or store data and after that, you cannot modify or delete anything from the device. You can save on it just once but read it in an infinite number without any restriction.

What is the WORM storage solution?

The feature of WORM exists from an early age on computer technology into the punch cards. The perfect illustration can be the CD or DVDs but the technology has been evolved so much that you can have the same functionality that is now available in memory cards as well. So, ensuring the security of important data authenticity has become easier with WORM cards.

Sometimes installing a dense security system in a device can be a hurdle or might be close to impossible because of the compatibility devices. Without spending a lot of money on ensuring data security, try the WORM solution. WORM disk storage is the most resilient and compliant solution for this. Store all the crucial devices in a secure WORM drive and keep the recorded files free from impacts of any illegal activities.

The Features of WORM Memory Device

The WORM storage solution is the non-erasable and non-rewritable memory solution. It consists of some top features including:

  • Replaces CD/DVD: WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM because these are slowly becoming obsolete in upgraded computers.
  • Unalterable Data: Stores and protects sensitive wedding photographs and videos from being edited or deleted by any sort of unlawful activity.
  • Illegal Action Notification: Prompts error notification to the photographer if someone attempts any illegal activity.
  • Plug and Play: Easy to use Plug and Play solution that does not require any software installation so the photographers can use it in their digital camera or on any device.

Work with Multiple Connectors

The Flexxon WORM microSD Card + Multifunctional Card Holder is a complete data storage solution that provides you a tamper-proof, compact, and portable user-experience. The intelligent design and classy packaging make it lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Work with Multiple Connectors

It comprises multiple connectors that work flawlessly with devices to log all the relevant data. It ensures utmost data security and takes immediate action against illegal activities. Designed by a team of experts, it is an incredibly resourceful and reliable memory solution.

Utilizing the benefits of WORM will make things sorted in every sector by securing all your data and its entity. Once saved, the information on the WORM becomes unalterable regardless of any accidents or malicious attacks. To preserve data authenticity, anyone can use it to store data and make it tamperproof. So, if you are cautious about data security, use the WORM memory card to become stress-free.

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