In the medical industry, everyone knows that no specific breakthroughs have addressed the problem of medicinal errors. One way to mitigate the healthcare system fiasco is to develop medical device storage ensuring medical data security. There is a severe need for correctly gathering and storing various types of medical data. Fortunately, “Write Once Read Only” (WORM) disks are available for the advancement of the medical management system. So, it is basically a healthcare data storage device.

Electronic data storage devices no longer favor traditional devices such as tape and optical media. WORM disks are available in high capacities to support terabytes of medical data. And, at the same time, you will get high performance.

Benefits of WORM technology in Medical Applications

Data Integrity for Medical Data Security

Now, what is different about these WORM disks that are not supported by other types of healthcare data storage devices? It is the fact that it provides data integrity. It will preserve the patient’s private data or other medical crucial information in a non-erasable, non-rewrite-able, and unchangeable compliance-ready syntax.

Data Regulations in Healthcare Facility

For solving the latest healthcare data regulations, WORM disk utilizes inexpensive disk arrays such as ATA to develop huge and affordable online storage. With this, terabytes of capacity are available online and at an inexpensive rate. Medicine professionals can get complete data to look after their patients in real-time. Thus, the WORM disk will allow them to recognize and mitigate medical and medication blunders. Furthermore, this health care data storage device also provides fast data retrieval and online search.

Long-Lasting Data Storage

Now let’s dig deeper to help you better understand how WORM disks can help medical applications. For instance, let us talk about medical x-rays that need to store data that doesn’t degrade with time. So, the WORM disks are specially made to store data for even up to 100 years without any tampering. Administration staff can perform regular checks to verify that data is still in its real form.

Communication Monitoring

Another big advantage of this healthcare data storage device is that you can monitor communication between patients, surgeons, and health-care experts. WORM disks also support other medical devices such as AED trainer, DICOM, and Medical Imaging systems. You will need to interface it with them to store private patient dealing data.

Communication Monitoring

Robust Medical Data Security System

The software used to develop WORM disk integrates with it a robust archive storage security system. This will prevent any deletion or alteration of the archives. Even the medicine administration staff will not be able to alter the stored data. This also means that there is no requirement of buying new WORM disks.

So, the medical industry can benefit from all these characteristics of WORM disks. They can calmly store important information such as legal documents, medical files, and forensic evidence in Flexxon WORM cards.

We, at Flexxon, also provide WORM memory cards and at affordable prices. Contact us right away if you are looking to buy one. And, if you have any questions or want to share something, please write to us without any hesitation. This was all for today. Hopefully, this is not a lot of information for you to take in.


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