X-PHY Embedded AI Cybersecure SSD in TechInnovation 2020!

X-PHY Embedded AI Cybersecure SSD in TechInnovation 2020!

Flexxon will be presenting the X-PHY Embedded AI Cybersecure SSD in TechInnovation 2020! We are glad to announce that, Flexxon is going to present the X-PHY Embedded AI Cybersecure SSD in the TechInnovation 2020. Flexxon is going to be one of the key presenters for technology innovation presenting the CSA Award-Winning Cybersecurity Solution, The X-PHY Embedded AI Cybersecure SSD. Flexxon is the leading brand to provide outstanding NAND flash storage solutions ensuring top-notch data…


The Trusted Platform Module with The X-Mask Memory Card

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) aims at net-policy-server to control and manage the flash memory as a boot loader and authentication token to make sure the application systems do not fall short. It is essential to reinforce the security to enhance the memory protection for secure boot, private data, licensed software, and prevent cheating.


Flexxon X-Mask Memory Card

Flexxon X-Mask Memory Card: Ensure Protection by Putting On Mask to Valuable Data and Make It Invisible Three layers of advanced security features to enhance the authentication and protection of the crucial data and keep it hidden from prying eyes! Singapore – Looking for a memory solution to strengthening the privacy of your data? Flexxon introduces the new X-Mask SD and microSD cards to ensure that. Apply the Mask feature and keep your memory card invisible from random users. It gives you the…

Flexxon High Capacity 30 TB U.2 PCIe NVMe SSD

Nexus to Distribute Flexxon Memory for Embedded Systems!

Nexus to Distribute Flexxon Memory for Embedded Systems! We are happy to announce that from now on, the embedded memory devices by Flexxon are going to be distributed by Nexus. Being a market leader to allocate the Industrial, Medical, and Automotive industries for more than 19 years, Flexxon has made a prominent market base for the NAND flash market. Hence, Nexus has come forward to reinforce our distributing channel towards the direction based on larger industries, such as medical, military,…

FxAdv Memory Card Raspberry Pi Image

FxAdv Memory Card To Improve Raspberry Pi Functions

FxAdv Memory Card Compatible Data Solution To Improve Raspberry Pi Functions Enhance Your Raspberry Pi Experience Flexxon FxAdv microSD Extraordinary performance with enhanced memory Shop Now Utilize the Benefits of The Best microSD Card for Raspberry Pi Project Smaller Size, Bigger Role 8GB to 256GB memory capacity Fastest data transferability Perfect for smaller data transfer Excellent Speed Performance Ideal…

Flexxon Fire Alarm WORM Memory Card

Benefits of WORM in Fire Security System

Benefits of WORM in Fire Security SystemNo matter home or office, an effective fire security system is very important. The fire alarm system design aids in the protection of people, property, and assets. While there is a fire emergency, a fraction of a second can save many lives so being aware of fire risks are crucial. Installing an effective fire alarm system along with efficient memory storage can be helpful to mitigate the risks and increase the safety of lives. The memory storage devices…


Gearing up for innovation opportunities in 2020

Excited to know what Flexxon is saying about our winning innovation? We have answered a few interesting questions from TNB Ventures about our award-winning innovation and the support garnered from this competition! Read the article here: bit.ly/flexxononTNBventure CHECKING IN ON CYBERSECURITY CALL FOR INNOVATION AWARDEESIn the upcoming months, we bring to you updates on the locally nurtured startups and companies whose proposed projects were awarded for funding by CSA to develop…


Benefits of WORM Technology in Law Enforcement Application

Law enforcement agencies are vital to certify security for every nation. The current age is highly dependent on technological advancement and the law enforcers are not different from that. The agencies are now relying upon digitally recorded data because it has some exclusive attributes which help them to identify criminals. The police departments are the prime users of various devices like digital interview recorders, body-worn cameras, and surveillance cameras. Such devices store a number of…