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Flash cards are finding their way into many embedded designs. Selecting the right flash technology for a given application is key if cost and reliability goals are to be met. The question remains, how can the lifetime of a flash card be estimated for a given application? Get Quote Send in your interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible! S.M.A.R.T Life Monitoring Tool

Garbage Collection – Retaining SSD Performance

Introduction SSDs are known to provide end user performance benefits over HDDs. However, as workloads are being added to the SSDs, over time, end users may experience performance degradation when compared with the “out-of-box” state. As the SSD becomes loaded with scattered user data (either random or sequential), the drive has become “dirty”. Due to the nature of the NAND characteristics, it would requires more “preparation time” to perform future write operations, as write operation requires…

Highly Integrated eMMC NAND flash solutions of Flexxon

Hochintegrierte eMMC-NAND-Flash Lösungen von Flexxon Highly integrated eMMC NAND flash solutions of Flexxon Addresses embedded designs Flexxon highly integrated eMMC NAND flash solutions in the industry standards 153 and 169 FBGA Packages (Sales : Atlantik Electronics). The eMMC NAND Flash solution is a hybrid component that combines the embedded flash controller and standard MLC/ pSLC NAND flash memory with the standard eMMC4.5. In the NAND flash chip sets Flexxon on the products of…