FLEXXON PCIe NVMe SSD Introduction

PCIe supersedes SATA as the latest high bandwidth interface. NVMe is the latest high performance and optimized protocol which supersedes AHCI and compliments PCIe technology. FLEXXON’s PCIe NVMe Product Family delivers a wide bandwidth of up to 3,200/3,000 MB/s sequential R/W speed and 600K/600K IOPS for random 4KB read and write. FLEXXON’s PCIe NVMe Product Family provides significantly more capacities of up to 8TB. FLEXXON PCIe NVMe SSD is designed with on-die thermal sensor, and firmware…

Flexxon Memory Card HighIOPS Introduction

Memory Card HighIOPS Introduction

Forget Transfer Rates, Choose Real Measure of Performance Imagine you are getting a new car. Which feature would you rather have – high engine power or high top speed? A powerful engine allows you to drive smooth. But you rarely drive at top speed, so a slight difference there doesn’t matter. The same is true for applications that work with small data. On the surface, it seems that these applications perform better with high data transfer rates. But in reality, input output…

Flexxon Rugged Secure Digital (SD) Card 2018

Flexxon Rugged Secure Digital (SD) Card 2018

Industrial and Reggedized Secure Digital (SD) Card FLEXXON’s Industrial SD card is a flash storage device which is synonymous in terms of reliability and endurance. Having undergone intense testing in various environments, our SD card not only conforms to the SD Associations microSD specifications but remains at the top of the industry in terms of withstanding the most rugged and unforgiving environments. FLEXXON’s Industrial SD card is able to perform exceptionally through…

Memory card Connector

Flexxon Memory Card Connector

With popular demand of removal storage media card, especially microSD and SD card, a reliable card connector has become relatively critical. Flexxon, as a world leading memory storage solution provider, is not only supplying high quality memory card but also providing reliable card connector to its customer. Flexxon memory card connector is well-known of its advance features such as high performance, safety design, durability and environmental friendly. High Performance Industrial…

Flexxon WORM SD Card

Flexxon WORM SD Card

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Flexxon Military Grade SSD Galaxy Series

High Reliability FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is built with SLC or MLC flash chip, which offers Full Drive Hardware Encryption, Advance Hardware UPS design, Power Surge Protection, etc. Meanwhile, FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is engineered with the top-notch components under state-of-art technology and 100% authenticated by series of stringent tests and requirements. High Performance FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is compatible with SATA…


Newsletter - Flexxon SSD Power Loss Protection

What is Power Loss Protection (PLP)? Need to secure your data against unexpected power shutdowns? Your wait is over – Flexxon’s SSD Power Loss protection offers the best-in-class data security with DRAM-less design, reliable supercapacitors, and standalone tantalum capacitor array that lasts for decades. High-performance data storage devices are available at affordable prices in the market, but with a major drawback. The problem is that they are unable to protect data during power…


Newsletter - New Product XTREME SSD

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