Customization Services

Flexxon understands industrial customers have additional requirements for their application, especially from the Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, Automotive industries. They will require additional features or functionalities in their flash storage devices than what is already available off the shelf.


Flexxon offers various customization services for hardware, software and firmware. We also provide free consultation services to provide optimum solutions with the consideration of meeting the required specification as well as the cost efficiency

Below is the standard customization services that we support to our customer. However if you need anything else is not listed below, you may contact our expert consultant, we are open for discussion for all of your customization services requirement.​
F.W Customization to meet full compatibility of different customer platform requirement

In most cases, Industrial, Medical, Automotive customers are using their own customized platforms unlike the standard operating system used in the commercial world. Flexxon has the capability to assist customers in customizing the F.W to optimize their platforms and to meet full compatibility of different customers’ platform requirements.

PCB re-layout design to meet different requirement

Flexxon has strong capabilities to support customers in making hardware changes to accommodate their original hardware design. We could redesign our PCB layout to meet different mechanical design requirements.

BOM Customization

Flexxon can provide some minor PCB circuitry changes to meet customers’ system level requirement. For example, removing LED or connector on the module, etc.

Conformal Coating

Industrial applications are often required to work in harsh environment with high moisture, high temperature, etc. Flexxon offers conformal coating to provide the industrial application with a physical barrier against moisture, dust, and other environmental contaminants. We do provide conformal coating services to customers even if it is in a small quantity.

Product ID / Parameters Customization

We can set the Product ID, customize the LBA mapping according to customers’ requirement for the NAND Solutions Product and also their own logo on it. Other parameters including serial numbers can also be set at the time of production.

Format Load

We can ship the product with all kind of different pre-load format or partitions for customers especially for legacy systems that require a specific "non-standard" format on the cards otherwise it will not be recognized or even function properly. Flexxon can provide the product with a preload format and a fully compatible access to all legacy system.

Content Preloading

Flexxon can help to preload customer’s data image onto the NAND Storage Product or to clone the entire drive/card prior to the shipment.


Flexxon offers customize packaging solution to cater to the different requirements and needs of the customers such as a special box, a master carton or a special barcode labeling. Our system can support these different packaging specifications.

Laser Etching

We support laser etching with customer’s logo or other required info onto the USB Flash Drive.

Label Printing

We provide customize label printing services of customer’s artwork onto any of our products. We also offer artwork design services based on customer requirement and approval.