Cybersecurity Advisory Board

Flexxon’s cybersecurity advisory panel comprises a diverse group of experienced industry thought leaders that contribute to
Flexxon’s core mission and values of revolutionizing the Cybersecurity and Technology industry. 


Ng Chiang Chui

VP, Corporate Strategy, Flexxon Pte Ltd

Ng Chiang Chui is the VP, Corporate strategy at Flexxon.

He is a diligent global semiconductor and IT Cyber Security Industry expert and a well-recognized leader with 30 years of experience in leading international business industries. His proficiency has been resilient for organizations to maintain data privacy, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, technology audit, and business continuity.

Before taking up the role as VP corporate strategist in Flexxon Pte. Ltd., he was the MD at Global Technical Services and Repair for Customer Solutions Business Unit at BDT Since 2018. Under his supervision, the organization emerged stronger by instigating technical development in services, established repair strategy, and coerced it stronger in terms of engagement as the tier 1 global accounts like IBM, HP, Quantum, and Dell.

CC has shared in Red Sentry Pte Ltd, he has been specialized in providing key customers with enterprise IT cybersecurity solutions and products. Being a Sales and Marketing Director, he accelerated sales and achieved the milestone to accumulate more than US$2 million annually.

He also played the role of Project Manager for EMEA (Europe, Asia & China) at Wincor Nixdorf for all Retail POS, ATM, and Kiosks Products.

CC Ng is reputed for bringing out his knowledge and skillset attributing these to the betterment of the organization. At Flexxon Pte. Ltd. he is pursuing to strengthen cybersecurity and corporate strategy. His dedication and acquaintance from semiconductor business to IT Cyber Security System Integration will energize the lead innovation and develop unique selling points. This will also draw the attention of global customers with increased adoption of the products and create a space for potential key growth in the market.

With an amazing academic background, CC holds multiple certifications, including Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Technical Diploma in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, ACTA Certified by SSQ/WSQ, Data Protection Practitioner Certified by PDPC, ISO 9001, and Quality Awareness Awards, Black Belt Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Certified by Singapore Quality Institute and Certified Pet Care and Management.

In his spare time, he enjoys riding a motorbike, playing soccer or rugby with old schoolmates, gym workouts, and spending outdoor activities with his dog.

Luciano Ferrari

CEO and Founder of Lufsec

He is a specialized information security leader and IoT hacking expert, proficient in IT security expertise in multiple sectors including manufacturing, semiconductor, financial, and educational institutions.  His qualification expertise retains upon electronics and microelectronics tracts that enhances his distinct specializing area on hardware hacking.

Before appointed at Flexxon Pte. Ltd., Luciano worked in various leadership roles. He used to be the Chief Information Security Officer in Fortune 500 companies. His area of accomplishment was driven by the progression in both technical and leadership roles. Even in his own company, he manoeuvres all sorts of security-related issues and projects.


Luciano has conducted hundreds of IT security audits and penetration tests and played an important role during regulatory audits in the cable companies to make sure that the IoT devices are sorted.

He deploys the manifestation of his knowledge and expertise in company enhancement. His valuable contribution will reinforce Flexxon’s cybersecurity aspect as a security leader. On the other hand, his efficiency in the IoT sector will also help generating unique ideas to penetrate the security aspects. It will add a positive effect for the company to nurture the key growth.

Luciano’s academic qualification was remarkable with the achievement of numerous certifications throughout his life. He holds multiple security certificates including CISSP, CRISC, CISM and ISO 27001.

Luciano Ferrari holds expertise in IT infrastructure, networking, penetration testing, risk, vulnerability, and threat management. He is an enthusiastic researcher of new technologies and enjoys participating at security conferences as well as in bug bounty programs.


Stefan Ullrich

Founder and Managing Director of The Warren

Stefan Ullrich is founder and Managing Director of The Warren, a Singapore-based sustainability consultancy focusing on the intersection of Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Finance and on developing new collaborative solutions for financing the transition to a low-carbon, resilient and sustainable global economy.

Following a successful career expanding the business of world-leading futures exchanges across Asia, he joined Singapore consultancy Paia Consulting in 2016, where he was director for Sustainable Finance from 2016 until January 2020.

The importance of cybersecurity in the financial sector cannot be overstated. Stefan started his career at one of the pioneering global exchanges that was established as an electronic trading venue when all other major operators were still running floor-based markets. Given the extreme importance of stringent regulations in the financial industry, cybersecurity is one of the 'red threads' running through Stefan's career. He has significant experience with various aspects of cybersecurity and digitization in the Fintech sector, including distributed ledger technology.

Cybersecurity is also a key aspect of his work in sustainability as digitization is a major enabler of the inevitable decarbonization of the global economy. Stefan has advised Flexxon from the early stages of the X-Phy project and in discussions with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). As part of The Warren's portfolio of products and services, he is the local representative of a leading European provider of IT security audits.

Stefan is a degree candidate for the master's degree in Sustainability at Harvard Extension School and holds a master's degree in Classical Chinese from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Mr. Dusan Zikic

Head of IT audit at NIS Gazprom Neft

He is a young leader emerging in the world of information security, risk, and governance with significant experience in information systems audit and the financial sector. To procure his proficiency and expertise, he holds the honor of IBM Certified Professional in Applied AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics.

Before allying with Flexxon, Dusan started his career as a professional at the National Bank of Serbia. His journey started as a Junior IT Internal Auditor and successively promoted to IT and Senior IT Internal Auditor.


He has also stood in the ground up internal IT audit organization at the National Oil and Gas Company.

Dusan is also a reputed accredited cybersecurity trainer of ISACA. This helps him in building a strong communication channel among the stakeholders to inflate different levels of cybersecurity awareness by the comprehensive capability of C-Suite. Being an ISACA member, he is always a dynamic accomplice in adapting frameworks concerning multiple information risks and essential governance.

Apart from being an active supporter, Dusan also holds his contribution to the cybersecurity community by mentoring certification exam candidates. He has been commonly invited to international conferences and workshops as a speaker to share his knowledge and practical experiences. To share his competency, he maintains a blog where he posts about methodologies, frameworks, use cases, and best practices that is beneficial for certain sectors.

All his expertise and proficiency helped Dusan to be a valuable member of the Flexxon Cybersecurity Advisory Board. His knowledge and skills have empowered him to be the proven leader in Flexxon to guide, support, and understand innovation along with the latest trends to escalate the company progression with various digital transformation initiatives.

Dusan Zikic has compiled an impressive academic record. He has obtained several professional certificates. Many of those are cybersecurity-focused including CISSP, CISM, CISA, and CRISC.