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Flexxon introduces AI Autonomous Cybersecurity to ensure the highest level of data security of your applications with IoT compatibility. This solution supports the firmware-based AI security structure with dynamic threat intelligence embedded directly into the IoT appliances.

Autonomous Shield

Performs autonomously and includes advanced
machine learning features. The advanced predictive
model reduces the time to
detect anomalies.

Offline Monitoring

Works without internet and integrates itself
directly into the firmware. The advanced
algorithm collects important data for
deep analysis.

Advanced Classification System

Enables specific tracking records based on diverse
hardware and firmware behavior. The advanced
classification system manages the memory packets

Flexxon ensures the dramatic reduction of data threats by offering and optimizing the AI expertise, deep learning workflows,
and neural network algorithms within NAND flash technology. It allows the applications to leverage the analysis for security,
prediction, or even performance boosting.

An effective cybersecurity solution can lower the firmware attacks and exploitation up to 50%
in a year. When malware is detected, Flexxon AI functionality updates the list of data and blocks
the illegitimate activity. The firmware connects with the device and refrains
it from being hacked.

Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity firmware solutions automatically extract and
analyze a larger amount of data according to device behavior. When the device is
logged in the data will be retrieved from different data sensors of the applications based
on the user’s setting attributes. Once done, Flexxon AI Autonomous can distinguish
the anomalies.

Flexxon AI Autonomous utilizes ANN, CNN, RNN, and DNN algorithms to learn the expected behavior of a device. It defines the logged information through the data sensors and categorizes according to the inputs as attributed. The output layer classifies the events and takes necessary action to protect the data from potential threats or anomalies.

Flexxon AI Autonomous takes actions against malicious activities based on the configuration of the firmware type of the device. It reboots the device to terminate the glitch; however, the underlying technology allows. A small PCB module remains set inside the closure and utilizes the Wifi connection for the processing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has several benefits but the unseen vulnerabilities towards the
network infrastructure remain open for the unknown cyber-attacks. Flexxon X-PHY AI
Autonomous Cybersecurity flash storage devices are perfect for the applications that already
have the IoT sensors in it.

Successful Data Extraction

Flexxon avails the advanced technology for the data extraction system depending on the firmware type. Therefore, general binary hooking has been attributed to the firmware without HAL. Utilizing the effective neural network, Flexxon AI makes sure the applications remain safe from unauthorized cyber threats.

Machine Learning

Flexxon improvises advanced machine learning technology and optimizes AI expertise in deep learning algorithms to recognize the anomalies in device performance with supreme accuracy and efficiency.

Edge Artificial Intelligence

Processes data and takes decisions independently

High Embedded Security

Insert advanced security directly into the systems

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Delivers enduring performance with the low power requirement

Multiple Protocol Interface

Compatible with multiple interfaces

Universal Integration Capability

Optimizes AI and ML to improve the data integration processes

Advanced Deep Learning Algorithm

Consists of diverse models for better flexibility of action

AI Autonomous Cybersecurity Other AI Solutions
Integration Embedded into the hardware at the firmware level. Using it at edge machine learning can shorten the detection time compared to system level. Focus on network architecture at the system level.
Security Security is loaded in the secured firmware to avoid firmware cloning. Rely on host's anti-virus at system level.
Connections Solution is at a chip-set level that can support different communication interfaces. It also enables offline real-time monitoring without using cloud computing or internet connection. Often integrate their system to the network. Sudden loss of network could cause data loss or corruption.
Deep Learning Flexible solution in which the user can define classes/layers to perform data optimization. Easy to use and provides advanced usage for the user. Completely limited to the capability of the system with not much optimization.

Smart Utility Meter

Smart utility meters measure electricity, heat, water, and gas consumption in real-time. The conventional metering system is embedded with the designated power devices. It utilizes the closed network for the serial communication links and data management system. It enables two-way communication among the service provider company and the consumer. If the communication network is corrupted, the result will not be reliable.

To avoid such incidents, Flexxon X-PHY AI Autonomous Cybersecurity helps to identify the attributes and defines its category. The AI technology evaluates the data accuracy measuring the observed and predicted values. If the Flexxon AI solution predicts any malfunction in the network system, it can send out alerts to prevent any tampering of data. Thus, both the company and the consumer get an accurate reading from the smart utility meter.

Network Monitoring

The network monitoring tool supervises the computer networks and sends alerts when it finds an issue affecting network service functionality. The effects are resourced by the consumption of computer networks and analyzing performance metrics. The network is embedded with routers, firewalls, servers, system software as well as critical hardware systems; such as CPU, monitor, printer, and so on.

To stimulate the functionality of network monitoring, Flexxon X-PHY AI Autonomous Cybersecurity can be great. The data effects are analyzed using AI benefits to extract the performance metrics and measures the accuracy level. The Flexxon AI solution complies according to the real-time data sensors and monitors the data received from the network servers. The output layer of the Flexxon AI solution classifies the data events, defines the actual state- normal or abnormal, and predicts its activity. As far as the collected performance metrics are accurate, the data analyzing will be flawless.

Testing and Measurement Application

The manufacturing industries work with high-functioning testing and measuring devices. The devices monitor the accuracy of electricity, water, weight, and temperature data utilizing the networking and signaling sources. These data serve specific purposes to maintain mandatory production standards. It takes the raw data for analyzing the qualification of the test if it has Passed or Failed. Certain dataset analyses can be manipulated for unlawful activities.

To minimize the risk of manipulation, Flexxon X-PHY AI Autonomous Cybersecurity is effective. The raw data will generate into the Flexxon AI solution by the system recommendation and categorize its status. It will notify the system if the status finds it unusual and the AI will take immediate action against the malfunction. This way it protects the illicit behavior of the system and makes sure the standard remains intact.

Medical and Healthcare Facility

The health data are attributed as big data and the valid raw data must be collected efficiently. The Medtech industry is now improvising IoT solutions to achieve better patient outcomes, lower the costs, and improve efficiency. Virtual healthcare, personal safety, wearable technology along with medical devices like EMR, EHR, CPAP, AED, blood testing, Seismic recorder, etc. shares the network functionality.

Flexxon X-PHY AI Autonomous Cybersecurity solution is valuable for the medical and healthcare facility. The IoT firmware analyzes the data and predicts the malfunction. The machine learning aspect of the Flexxon AI solution predicts the malfunction and prevents the failure from taking place within the healthcare facility. Therefore, sensitive medical reports and data remain free from damages.

HRM System

HRM is an integral part of an organization as it is the streamline of the management for the entire organizational structure. HRM System software has been designed to automate the working process of stored data of recruitment automation, performance management, transactions, payroll, and compliance.  The data-driven tools in the HRM system enhance the speed for data collection and decision making. For this, it is essential to make sure all the data remain free from any kind of malware that can tamper the data.

Flexxon X-PHY AI Autonomous Cybersecurity is an ideal solution. The AI solution has a real-time data sensor that will analyze, predict, and diagnose malware. It gives a notification to the user right after it finds a malware into HRM system software. Also, it prevents potential failure from happening according to the firmware behavior of the device and keeps all the data safe and protected.

POS Payment Solution

POS payment is the easiest way to keep track of sales from both the customer and business end. The improvisation of the Smart POS payment solution uses specific terminals and mobile register system. It accepts cards, mobile wallets, or any other alternate payment method for the customers. The demand for POS payment terminals has grown in countries due to the booming retail industry and the shift in unorganized markets. If the cybersecurity attribute is not strong enough then all the information can be at stake.

Flexxon X-PHY AI autonomous cybersecurity solution safeguards all the sales data and customer information from malware attacks. Flexxon AI solution is integrated into the POS device that consists of a real-time data sensor. As soon as it gets any payment data it starts to define threat or anomaly. If found any abnormal status, the user gets the notification to take action and predicts what may happen in a certain period to protect the crucial information of the seller and the customer.

Access Control System

The access control systems are commonly used to limit entry into exterior doors and enhance security. The purpose is to provide quick, convenient access for authorized persons and restrict unauthorized ones. It is controlled by access card, card reader, access control keypads, electric lock hardware, access control field panel, and server computer.

Setting up a Flexxon X-PHY AI autonomous cybersecurity into the server computer can be effective. The server computer stores all the data of authorized persons. When someone puts the card into the card reader, it verifies the person’s data from the server computer. The Flexxon AI solution identifies the input data and classifies the output status. Throughout the process, if it predicts any data failure the AI immediately sends an alert to the user for necessary steps. This way, it maintains unauthorized entrances towards an area.

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