Extensive performance with higher reliability and greater durability for the automotive industry!

Singapore- To support the increasing demand for compact embedded systems across the automotive industry, Flexxon has the eMMC storage solution. The superior NAND flash technology of Flexxon provides extra-ordinary performance, intense reliability, and enhanced endurance.

Flexxon manufactures various eMMC Storage devices according to the application requirement. The automotive applications that work within a wide range of temperature, we offer AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40°C~105°C) Compliant and AEC-Q100 Grade 3 (-40°C~85°C) Compliant. This compact, robust, and efficient flash storage device also offers advanced power management to give you a better automotive experience.

Core Objective 

Flexxon eMMC flash storage device has been built to undergo the toughest environment of the automobile. Therefore, it acts by TS16949 Certification manufacturing, the standard based on ISO 9001. It includes the specific requirements for the automotive sector to enhance the design/development, production, installation, and servicing of all automotive-related products.

Flexxon has two separate series for the automotive-grade eMMC; the XTRA IV and the XTRA IV. The XTRA IV supports both 153 balls and 100balls with eMMC 5.0, 4.5, 4.4, and 4.2 interfaces and contains 2D MLC and 2D pSLC options.  On the other hand, the XTRA VI series supports only 153 balls with eMMC 5.1, 4.5, 4.4, and 4.2 interfaces and offers 3D TLC, 3D MLC, and 3D pSLC options.

The incorporated 2D pSLC and 3D pSLC solutions offer better endurance and outstanding performance for automotive applications. It provides ample density for storage and stable performance with frequent data writing aptitude. However, the 3D MLC solution ensures minimum error rates at high temperatures compared to the 3D TLC. So, it gives more reliability while operating at a high temperature.

Top Features of Flexxon Automotive eMMC

The automotive industry requires top-notch quality and Flexxon is serving with the best ensuring durability and reliability feature. Keeping that in mind the automotive-grade eMMC devices are featured with:

Top Features of Flexxon Automotive eMMC

  1. Data Integrity in Reflow: Leverage strong pages from NAND flash, and prevent data loss in the reflow process.
  2. Dynamic Wear Leveling: To keep important data without moving, dynamic wear-leveling could concentrate the write/erase only on the dynamic block.
  3. Auto Read Refresh: Good for read-intensive applications. Firmwares will auto-refresh the bit errors when they are approaching the pre-set threshold level.
  4. Write Reliability: After sudden power loss and next power on, eMMC will scan buffer block until the last programmed page. If ECC Uncorrectable or higher ECC error bit occurs, FW will stop scanning and discard these pages, then copy valid data to a new buffer block to save the data.
  5. System Block Protection: System information is stored in the SLC area for better robustness. During sudden power loss, the FW recognizes data loss in UECC pages. The system block protects those pages from being discarded and moves the valid data into a healthy block.

Applications of Flexxon automotive eMMCApplications of Flexxon automotive eMMC

Flexxon’s automotive-grade eMMC is widely used in automotive applications, navigation and vehicle infotainment applications such as 3D maps drive recorder, satellite radio, autonomous drive OS and Apps, telemetric and traffic monitoring. This eMMC can work perfectly in a harsh environment. It makes sure the application performs better within the upgraded technical support, extended life, and stable roadmaps.

Specifications of Flexxon Automotive eMMC

Flexxon eMMC storage design is profound and does not require any other solution to function. The following specifications emphasize longer product life, special capacity in customized memory solution, stronger technical support, and fixed BOM for a complete automotive-grade eMMC:



InterfaceeMMC 5.0/4.5/4.4/4.2
Form FactoreMMC 153 balls (11.5mm x 13mm)eMMC 100 balls (14mm x 18mm)
Flash TypepSLCMLC
Maximum Performance (Sequential)Read: 250 MB/sWrite: 150MB/sRead: 250 MB/sWrite: 90MB/s
Operating & Storage TemperatureAutomotive AEC-Q100 Grade 3: (-40°C~85°C)
Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 2: (-40°C~105°C)

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