Why data security is essential for TPM applications?

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a cryptographic module. It enhances computer security and privacy. The protection method runs through the encryption and decryption process. All the basic functionalities, such as authenticating credentials or software data used in computers must remain secured.  It aims at net-policy-server to control and manages the flash memory as a boot loader. The authentication token ensures the application systems should never fall short. It is essential to reinforce the security to intensify the memory protection for secure boot, private data, licensed software, and prevent cheating. Flexxon has the ultimate solution to strengthen TPM data security.

To run the TPM application successfully, the Flexxon X-MaskTM memory card is an ideal solution. It stores the RSA key that produces a unique and secret Endorsement Key (EK) invisible to unauthorized people. As soon as the X-MaskTM Security SD/uSD card is mounted into the platform, the data protection facility becomes stronger. It will hide the authentication token for booting Trusted Platform Module.

Why data security is essential for TPM applications

Why X-MaskTM?

The X-MaskTM microSD card is the prime solution to refrain unauthorized access to harm the stored data. It has been improvised with the advanced “Mask” feature. It ensures the highest level of protection for the saved data. Enable Flexxon Security Tool, conceal unauthenticated access, and make sure all the records are stored and invisible. Without the tool installed into the device, none can see the card and the device will be considered illegal. Only after the installation of the security tool and the correct password will give access to the recorded files.

The X-MaskTM provides excellent performance, high reliability, and wide compatibility. As long as the “Mask” is on, the stored data will remain hidden and password protected. So, the recorded information cannot be stolen, read, changed, or deleted by random people.

The Security Features

The Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card provides the highest level of security and keeps the crucial data hidden from unauthorized access. The features include:

The Security Features Post

  • Invisible Card: Hide crucial EK in the TPM application and keep the X-MaskTM card invisible to interference. Even if the card is inserted into the device, the authorization process inclined by the memory card forbids invading the records.
  • Security Mechanism: Facilitate access to the X-MaskTM card through legal computers or systems by installing the security tool. Without the tool being installed in the legal host device or if the password is incorrect, the card will not be visible.
  • Data Encryption: Secure the crucial data with the X-MaskTM card as it enables data encryption using data scrambling and hash algorithms in the firmware and hardware level. The inline proprietary obfuscation tool protects the side-channel attacks.

Benefits of Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card in TPM Application

The Trusted Platform Module highlights on authorization process for the boot loader to secure the authentication token. It associates with the dynamic authentication Dynamic authentication is a smart security protocol which commonly uses cryptography to create a per-session authenticator. It changes with each authentication session between the applicant and verifier
in one IP-address to make sure the boot loader functions with a distinct network.

Set the Security Key and store the authorized devices and functions list in the X-MaskTM Security Hidden SD/uSD card by Flexxon. The embedded X-MaskTM memory card helps in OS booting as it requires authorized device access and functions on TPM Application by the password check.

Reinforce the memory protection in the TPM application with Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card. The firmware-embedded features of the Trusted Platform Module contain integrated secure elements to make it flexible than soldered TPM products. Only the authorized person on the right device can have the access to the memory within the correct network. The Mask protection amplifies the data protection criteria for TPM applications.

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