Solid-State Drives (SSDs) have become popular in recent days that unfold their necessity in every sphere. It has been designed with advanced technology to improve the drawbacks of hard disk drives (HDDs). High-speed performance, less power consumption, and enhanced reliability increased its popularity. Apart from industrial and consumer level satisfaction, military-grade SSD is widely used to solve military purposes.

Military applications entail storage devices that can work under harsh environments, with types of machinery subject to mechanical shocks, high humidity, extreme temperatures, as well as hazardous materials. To meet the unique needs of military flash storage, it requires rugged storage solutions to work perfectly in extreme operating conditions maintaining data security in substantial applications.

The Features of Military-Grade SSD

From normal SSDs, the military-grade SSD comprises some specific features to back their heavy-duty usage. The SSDs must have ruggedness, high reliability, and extended endurance that enables functioning in the most challenging environments. The top features that military-grade SSDs must contain:

  • Fast erasing: The military-grade SSD should have the capability of fast erasing. To ensure the protection of confidential military data, military SSDs enable quick erase with numerous modalities. It should be easier to erase than HDDs. Compared to HDDs, SSDs can wipe the drive within a fraction of a second. The military-grade SSDs must erase the data in a single act and wipe off the drive clean.
  • Super data sweeping: As an added layer of security, these SSDs erasing using a single command. It starts sweeping off immediately the data that cannot be stopped once started. Even turning off power cannot prohibit erasing rather it would delay the erasing but once it gets the power connection, the erasing process will continue. This super data sweeping prevent access to sensitive information to unauthorized personnel.
  • Self-destruction triggered: Since the military-grade SSD is used as the backup for sensitive data so they should have the capability of self-destruction along with quick erase. It enables through a physical switch or a software command that triggers data destruction.
  • Operating conditions: Industrial SSDs are specifically designed for ruggedness so they can operate in different environmental conditions like extreme temperature, shock, and vibration. For military-grade SSD, the condition goes further like extreme altitudes, dust, moisture, salt, sand, higher levels of shocks and vibrations. Therefore, the SSDs demands to have higher adaptability and reliability than industrial along with optimum performance and customization according to mission requirements.

Ensure Maximum Security with Flexxon Solution

The military applications require storage devices able to work under harsh environments with competency. It requires to pass through mechanical shocks, high humidity, extreme temperatures, and hazardous materials. Flexxon offers a customized solution with high-quality and rugged devices with customized services specifically for military-grade SSD. It offers conformal coating, underfill, and AES encryption to meet specific applications ensuring optimum endurance and reliability.

Flexxon NAND flash storage comes in various form factors obliging to rigorous spatial restraints different kinds of devices and equipment including M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, mSATA Mini SSDs, half-slim SSDs, Memory cards, CF cards, etc.

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Flexxon Galaxy Series Military-Grade SSD

Military personnel work for the betterment of the country and handles various sensitive information. Misuse of any specific information may persuade to some serious issues. To make sure the military data and information remain safe and intact, ensuring the utmost data security is a must. The military-grade SSD by the Flexxon Galaxy Series is the best solution.

  • High Reliability: It has been engineered with top-notch components that are authenticated by a series of stringent tests and requirements.
  • Greater Performance: It is compatible with the SATA Ill interface and delivers high speeds of up to 550 MB/s Sequential Read and 450MB/s Sequential Write.
  • Intense Security: It is the most competent for military applications with its features such as Security Erase function and Self-Destruction function.

Top Features

Flexxon Galaxy Series SSD comprises an extraordinary data security solution to make sure the most indispensable information remains protected. This extra-ordinary memory device is featured with:

  • Military Design

    • Advance Head Management
    • Military Design on Firmware Configuration
    • 100% tested with MIL requirement
    • Compliant to NCAGE Code
  • Self-Destruction

    • Physical Destruction Design
    • High voltage is transmitted to SSD for burning each NAND flash IC after the pin is enabled
    • During Self-Destruction, smoke could be seen on NAND flash and each NAND is destroyed in 2 second
    • Data in NAND flash is permanently destroyed and unrecoverable
  • Hardware Encryption

    • Built with SLC or MLC flash chip
    • Full Drive Hardware Encryption with AES 128 / 256 by using Random key
  • Hardware Design For UPS

    • Advance Hardware UPS Design can ensure the whole drive is protected upon host power failure or unsafe shutdown.
  • Secure Erase

    • Data destruction will launch once the Security Erase Pin is triggered
    • Both mapping table and storage blocks are deleted and SSD will be written with a meaningless pattern
    • Secure Erase will not stop even if a power outage occurs
  • Power Surge Protection

Military-grade SSD incorporates extensive security features from the beginning that differentiates them from mass-market consumer products. With Flexxon Galaxy Series SSD, all the influential and confidential files and documents will remain safe. It offers high reliability, greater performance, and intense security to make sure the sensitive data without any compromise.

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