No matter home or office, an effective fire security system is very important. The fire alarm system design aids in the protection of people, property, and assets. While there is a fire emergency, a fraction of a second can save many lives so being aware of fire risks are crucial. Installing an effective fire alarm system along with efficient memory storage can be helpful to mitigate the risks and increase the safety of lives.

The memory storage devices with enhanced data security can store all sorts of critical and logical information that a fire system requires. Therefore, Flexxon designed a WORM card solution to prevent data risk. It is an unalterable memory solution that ensures the highest level of security and integrity to the fire alarm system components of the schematic.

Principles of Fire Alarm System Data Security

The principle of fire alarm project comprises with proper installation and maintenance process. It is important to ensure the highest level of security in every layer of this fire security schematic.
two types of fire alarm systems utilize a couple of components:

  • Non-addressable System:

    This conventional system comprises with fire detector directly wired to the panel zone. It recognizes the alarm status only in “Fire” or “Normal”. It does not have an event recording feature.

  • Addressable System:

    In this system, the fire detector is provided with an address to identify the alarm status. It can detect multiple sensitive conditions such as the level of smoke or heat. This one is featured with indication and recording options.

The addressable system is widely used because of its effectiveness. It detects the exact location which helps to determine the affected area faster. A slight change in the fire alarm system design can put valuable lives and critical assets at a stake.

Besides, the addressable head system has improved the indicative facility. This adds benefits to restore the full-proof fire protection of a building when the system is down. Keeping all the schematic components protected from hacking is also essential and for that WORM is the ideal solution.

Importance of Flexxon WORM in Fire Security System

To fulfill the advantages of the fire alarm system, the WORM memory card should be implemented. This tamper-proof flash storage solution can keep all the recorded information safe and intact. This Write-Once-Read-Many memory device can be used for writing crucial data only once but can be read as many as required. WORM also ensures that the entire fire security schematic is not tampered with or bugged by hacking or changing the fire alarm settings in any way.

For this, the security system remains unchangeable and ready to respond to the designated actions.

Flexxon introduces the WORM memory card with extended features containing tremendous benefits for the fire security indicators. The entire schematic of the fire security system can be saved within the WORM SD or MicroSD card. It ensures superior security to keep all the logic gates and schematic data that controls the fire alarm system components safe from any kind of potential harm and risk.

Key Features of Flexxon WORM Memory Card

Flexxon’s WORM is a reliable and secured file storage solution and its key features include multiple benefits to the principle of fire alarm project:

Key Features of Flexxon WORM Memory Card 2

  • Flexxon’s WORM SD and MicroSD card is a plug-and-play device and does not need any software installation.
  • The default Write-Protect Mode in Flexxon’s WORM prohibits the actions consisting of data modification or removal.
  • Flexxon WORM card enhances endure and performance by;
    • Avoiding read-disturbance errors,
    • Reducing the chance of uncorrectable errors, and
    • Ensuring read-intensive data application.

Benefits of Flexxon WORM in Fire Security System

The effective, efficient, and durable structure of the Flexxon WORM memory card takes care of critical issues in one solution with the following benefits:

  • Flexxon WORM stores and protects the crucial information that controls the fire alarm system
  • Power loss protection in Flexxon WORM card ensures uninterrupted memory storage solution

The Bottom-line

Flexxon WORM SD and MicroSD Card is a superior solution to store all the essential data of the Fire Security System. It enhances the security features of the crucial schematic data and sensitive logic gates. Flexxon WORM also makes sure the Fire Alarm System can work flawlessly to log data, ensure security, and take immediate actions whenever there is an emergency.

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