Enhance the Integrity of Crucial Patient Information with The Industrial Grade Memory Devices

The technological advancement is increasing the demand for flash storage devices in the Global MedTech Market. Flexxon has come up with first-rate memory devices because the medical and healthcare industries require superior memory solutions. To enhance efficiency in analyzing medical data reports, Flexxon offers the highest level of reliability and durability.

Flexxon is a renowned name in the NAND flash memory industry known for designing and manufacturing high-functioning flash storage devices. The digitalized medical applications require maximization of expertise to treat the illness of the patients which elevates the demand for the best quality memory devices.

Flexxon has a strong understanding of global urgency and the requirements of the medical industry. Our high-quality memory devices and well-built global supply strategy. This helps us to maintain a profound relationship with our key medical device manufacturers around the world.

Medical applications

Key Requirements of Medtech

The medical applications supervise and comprise crucial medical information related to patients’ health. Certain data helps in diagnosing the disease and the treatment procedure. Hence, it requires memory storage with the utmost reliability and compatibility as the medical data are essential. Apart from that, the medical industry also focuses on both product features and supply longevity with fixed BOM solutions. Flexxon does not negotiate with any of that and provides:

  • High-Quality Solution: Flexxon undergoes a series of stringent reliability tests to ensure product quality and efficiency.
  • Robust Design: Flexxon products provide wide compatibility to various Medtech systems to run effectively without fail.
  • Longevity Supply: Flexxon supports a fixed-BOM solution for over 10 years as we understand that Medtech companies expect long-term support upon product qualification.

Flexxon provides a complete solution to the medical industry. Thus we are improving the procedure of the medical applications with an effective business strategy and high-quality products.

Top features of Flexxon Flash Storage

With a huge base of medical customers on hand, Flexxon constantly updates and customizes our products/solutions with advanced features to meet the demand. We are ensuring the highest level of reliability, endurance, and compatibility which is a plus against the competitors.

Flexxon offers the following features:

  • High-IOPS(Input/output Operations Per Second): Facilitates the random performance of Flexxon storage drives 8 times faster for smaller data transfer.
  • Power Loss Protection (PLP): Minimizes the loss of crucial data and NAND drives corruption in the medical devices by including power capacitors.
  • Advanced Wear-Leveling: Optimizes the solutions to erasure and rewrites in the memory blocks for an extended life expectancy.
  • M.A.R.T. Tool: Enables shorter testing time to monitor and determine the health and durability to avoid critical failures.
  • Smaller Capacities: Provides smaller storage capacities to support as low as 128MB for memory cards in a cost-saving manner.
  • Longevity Supply: Supports up to 10 years of product qualification to save the customer’s time and effort of re-qualification for a new solution.

Medical Applications of MedTech Focus

Flexxon is highly focused on the niche market and we are successful. The gathered experience and knowledge regarding the medical industry helped us to create compatible solutions for Medtech. Following are some of the medical applications that Flexxon excels in supporting with some established solutions:

  • CPAP:

    This homecare machine is for patients with breathing problems like sleep apnea. Flexxon supports the CPAP machine with small form factors and removable flashcards such as FxPro I (HighIOPS) SD series for effective sound recordings, and good quality MicroSD Card Connector to absorb the shock and vibration.

  • Patient Monitoring Devices:

    This device works through physiological signals using ECG monitoring, respiration, and body temperature. To record the data Flexxon supports small-capacity Industrial MicroSD cards such as FxPro I (HighIOPS) MicroSD series and FxADV MicroSD series proficient for heavy writes of small random data. We also offer a high-capacity USB DOM form factor from FxALP (HighIOPS) series. The MicroSD Card Connector also helps to absorb shock or vibration.

  • Medical Cardiovascular/ECG:

    It is a monitoring application to measure the cardiac condition of patients. To store such crucial information Flexxon provides CF Card LEGACY II Series, low-density eMMC XTRA III Series, FxPro I (HighIOPS) MicroSD series, and FxADV (HighIOPS) MicroSD series. It also requires a MicroSD Card Connector for absorbing shock or vibration and a microphone for voice recording.

  • Large Scale Radiographic System:

    It is an X-Ray type machine that visualizes the physical structure of patients. To ensure high-frequency speed Flexxon supports FxADV (HighIOPS) MicroSD series. This device also requires an acoustic transducer and the MicroSD Card Connector to absorb shock and vibration.

  • X-RAY Mobile Machines:

    This mobile X-Ray equipment produces high-quality images in shorter time consumption. Flexxon supports higher capacity memory products like 256GB-512GB mSATA SSD INSPIRE series, PCIe M.2 512GB, and 16GB USB drives to store high-resolution X-Ray images. It also needs an acoustic transducer and an ultrasonic sensor to prevent a collision from furniture or persons.

  • Medical Aesthetics Devices:

    These are the devices are for cosmetic surgery and therapy. Flexxon offers the FxSTD MicroSD series to store crucial patient information and the USB SEC I Series to support data transfer. The USB drive can be customized according to the specification of the medical application. Even the partition configuration keeps the equipment and the software safe from being corrupted.

  • DICOM:

    It is used in most healthcare facilities for managing and transmitting medical images like CT scans, X-RAY, MRIs, and other related data. It requires tamper-proof storage like Flexxon WORM Memory Card to ensure the patient’s X-RAY scans will not be deleted or modified.

  • EHR/EMR:

    It is a system for digitizing and sharing patients’ medical records. To ensure integrity for the electronically-stored health data, Flexxon supports the WORM Memory card and WORM USB drive.

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