Mitigate the risk of digital threats utilizing the benefits of Flexxon flash storages

Cybersecurity is the key to reduce digital threats. In today’s world, the Internet of Things is the key to boost the success of an organization. The industries are utilizing their benefits but they are not concerned about the risks of unseen vulnerabilities into the network infrastructure, such as cyber-threat. Certain risks are related to data security that can be the reason for some potential consequences. So, it is high time to ensure the highest-level of firmware security in IoT sensor devices.

Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity is an appropriate solution for that. It has improvised all the advanced features to make sure your device is always ready to take the action before the attack.

Flexxon is the pioneer to introduce the firmware-based cybersecurity structure within memory devices. The series implies AI Autonomous Cybersecurity ensuring superior data security for IoT-compatible applications. We have optimized the Artificial Intelligence (AI) expertise, deep learning workflows, neural network algorithms (ANN, RNN, CNN, and DNN) within the NAND flash technology. It leverages the performance and enhances the accuracy of the application from the firmware level.

Working Process of The AI Autonomous Cybersecurity

Flexxon ensures the dramatic reduction of data threats by offering significant advantages of speed, power, accuracy, and efficiency. It supports the auto-reverse and compelling system, continuous firmware checking, and dynamic threat intelligence through the network appliance directly to the devices.

Working Process of The AI Autonomous Cybersecurity



  • Extracts Logical Data: It automatically extracts and analyzes a larger set of data according to device behavior. The data will be retrieved from sensors of the applications to distinguish the anomalies.



ML Optimized Firmware Security



  • ML Optimized Firmware Security: It utilizes neural network algorithms to learn the firmware behavior of the devices and categorizes the status- normal or abnormal according to the inputs as attributed.


Detects Malicious Activities





  • Detects Malicious Activities: It takes actions against malicious activities based on the configuration of the firmware type of the device. While found malware, Flexxon AI immediately terminates the glitch.



The Reasons to Choose Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity

Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity series implemented a highly effective structure that complements the security solution for better data protection optimization.

Elements AI Autonomous Cybersecurity Other AI Solutions
Integration Embedded into the hardware at the firmware level. Using it at edge machine learning can shorten the detection time compared to the system level. Focus on network architecture at the system level
Security Security is loaded in the secured firmware to avoid firmware cloning Rely on the host’s anti-virus at the system level
Connections The solution is at a chip-set level that can support different communication interfaces. It also enables offline real-time monitoring without using cloud computing or an internet connection. Often integrate their system to the network. Sudden loss of network could cause data loss or corruption
Deep Learning A flexible solution in which the user can define classes/layers to perform data optimization. Easy to use and provides advanced usage for the user. Completely limited to the capability of the system with not much optimization

Flexxon understands the level of strength required to protect data from cyber threats. That is the reason that Flexxon introduces AI Autonomous Cybersecurity to ensure the highest level of data security with IoT compatibility. So, the user can have the benefits of:

  • Autonomous Shield: Performs autonomously and includes advanced machine learning features. The advanced predictive model reduces the time to detect anomalies.
  • Offline Monitoring: Works without the internet and integrates itself directly into the firmware. The advanced code optimizes necessary actions instantly to solve the problem.
  • Universal Profiling: Enables specific tracking records based on diverse hardware and firmware behavior. Advanced profiling manages the memory packets accordingly.

Top Features 

Diminish the threats of cyber attacks with Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity complements the security solution for better data protection optimization with these features:

  • Edge Artificial Intelligence: Processes data and takes decisions independently
  • High Embedded Security: Monitors the connections to and from embedded systems
  • Ultra-Low Power Compatibility: Delivers enduring performance and retains power consumption
  • Multiple Protocol Interface: Permits instant messaging to the user in real-time
  • Universal Integration Capability: Optimizes AI and ML to improve the data integration processes
  • Advanced Deep Learning Algorithm: Consists of diverse models for better flexibility of action

The Applications 

Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity flash storage devices are perfect for applications that already have IoT sensors. The following applications are appropriate to utilize the benefits of the Flexxon AI solution:

Application Types of Data Usage of the Data Data Processing Benefits of Flexxon AI Autonomous
Smart Utility Meter Measures the consumption data reading of electricity, heat, water, and gas. Electrical Grid Load Forecasting Enables serial communication links, data management systems, and two-way communication among the service provider company and the consumer.
  • Identifies data attributes
  • Defines its category
  • Predicts malfunction in the network system
  • Sends out alerts to prevent data tampering
Network Monitoring Supervises the consumption of computer networks and analyzes performance metrics. Network Performance Monitoring The network server is embedded with routers, firewalls, servers, system software as well as critical hardware systems; such as CPU, monitor, printer, and so on.
  • Monitors the data received from network servers
  • Classifies the data events
  • Defines the actual state- normal or abnormal
  • Predicts its activity according to the status
Testing and Measurement Application Monitors the accuracy of electricity, water, weight, and temperature data Production Standard Maintaining Works by networking and signaling sources and the data help to maintain the mandatory production standards.
  • Identifies data attributes
  • Predicts malfunction
  • Defines data status
  • Notifies the system while finds the unusual status
  • Takes immediate action against the malfunction
Medical and Healthcare Facility Observes crucial medical big data improvising IoT solution Medical Report Analysis Virtual healthcare, personal safety, wearable technology along with medical devices like EMR, EHR, CPAP, AED, blood testing, Seismic recorder, etc. shares the network functionality
  • Identifies data attributes
  • Predicts malfunction
  • Prevents the failure from taking place


HRM System Automates the working process of recruitment mechanism, performance management, transactions, payroll, and compliance. Constant Performance Monitoring and Analyzing The data-driven tools in the HRM system software enhance the speed for data collection and decision making.
  • Analyzes data in real-time
  • Predicts the malware
  • Diagnoses malfunction
  • Notifies the user immediately
  • Keeps the data safe and protected
Gas Chromatography Produces a signal and a dataset according to the measured evaluation of chemical component elution Quality Control Interpretation The dataset is recorded by acquiring the software on a computer and shows the prediction models to accommodate it for a definite chromatography.
  • Monitors the dataset
  • Identifies the attributes
  • Predicts malfunction
  • Defines and aids the discovery of the result
POS Payment Solution Utilizes the data of customer cards, mobile wallets, or any other alternate payment method Automates Business by Risk Reduction Smart POS payment solution uses specific terminals and a mobile register system.
  • Identifies data attributes
  • Defines threat or anomaly immediately
  • Notifies the user of the unusual status
  • Predicts the forwarding danger
Access Control System Reserves the authorized person detail for the company and restricts unauthorized access Unauthorized Access Control Controlled by access card, card reader, access control keypads, electric lock hardware, access control field panel, and server computer.
  • Identifies data attributes
  • Predicts data malfunction
  • Sends an immediate notification to the user
  • Maintains illegal entrances towards an area

Specification of Flexxon AI Autonomous Cybersecurity

Flexxon’s Cybersecurity solutions safeguard the device firmware from malicious attacks to make sure the data remain safe from unauthorized access with the following structure:

Product Variation

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Architecture Cortex-M0+ Cortex-M4 Cortex-M33
Speed 48MHz 80MHz 110MHz
RAM 158/256KB 160KB 256KB
Flash 32KB 512KB 512KB
Current 2.5mA/H 6.2mA/H 6.2mA/H

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