The trend of the size of embedded systems continues to shrink in some industrial and medical application, there is a need for even smaller form factor storage than microSD card.

FLEXXON eMMC’s design to meet the rigid requirements of IMA ( Industrial / Medical/ Automotive ) market where technical support, extended life, and stable roadmaps are critical for this segment industry.

FLEXXON’s eMMC Product Family is an embedded memory solution that combines NAND Flash Memory , an embedded MMC (MultiMediaCard) controller, and advanced firmware in a small BGA package ( 100balls/ 153balls ) that provides a small, robust, yet cost effective, high density embedded NAND Flash storage solution. The eMMC products are compliant to the JEDEC® e•MMC™ v4.5 and v5.0 interface and protocol standard.

eMMC Benefit

When working with native NAND Flash components, data are written and read directly to physical locations in the NAND Flash memory. Host system needs to actively manage data at physical memory locations and correct bit errors as the data are read back from NAND Flash. Designers must implement the necessary ECC engine and data management algorithm in the host system, increasing the burden on host hardware and software design and validation. Revision to the design may be necessary each time the NAND Flash component is replaced by a newer part or a part from a different vendor. In comparison, eMMC functions as a block storage device, interacting with the host system through an abstracted interface protocol, analogous to an SSD.

The host system simply writes and reads data to and from logical block addresses (LBA’s), without needing to anticipate data errors and how the data would be stored and managed in the NAND Flash memory. The eMMC controller hardware and firmware handles the error correction and data management functions internally without involvement from the host system. Since the eMMC interface and protocol standardized by JEDEC® is agnostic to the underlying NAND Flash memory technology and configuration, compatibility and interoperability among different suppliers’ eMMC products can be assured.


Highly Integrated eMMC Solution

  • Embedded with market proven eMMC4.5 / 5.0 Controller
  • High Quality MLC NAND

Package Design

  • Industrial Standard 100 / 153balls

Tailor-made Firmware

  • Advanced NAND Management Technology
  • Customization available for Customer
  • Industrial/ Medical/ Automotive Market Focus



Interface eMMC 5.0 / 4.x eMMC 5.0 eMMC 5.0
Flash Type MLC / pSLC MLC / pSLC 3D TLC
Ball Count 153-ball;100-ball 153-ball;100-ball 153-ball;100-ball
Capacity MLC:4 GB ~ 64 GB
pSLC:4 GB ~ 32 GB
MLC:4 GB ~ 64 GB
pSLC:4 GB ~ 32 GB
Up to 256 GB
Max Performance Read: 270 MB /s
Write: 120 MB /s
Read: 270 MB /s
Write: 120 MB /s
Read: 320 MB /s
Write: 150 MB /s
Grade Industrial
(Gold and Diamond)
Automotive Industrial
(Gold and Diamond)

FLEXXON eMMC automotive application

  • Certified with Automotive Grade AEC-Q100 Grade 3 (-40C~85C) Standard
  • Plan to obtain AEC-Q100 Grade 2 (-40C~105C)Standard in Q4 2018
  • Manufacturing Factory certified with TS16949

FLEXXON eMMC Intellingent Technology

Data Integrity in Reflow

Leverage strong pages from NAND flash, and prevent data loss in reflow process.

Dynamic Wear Leveling

To keep important data without moving, dynamic wear leveling could concentrate the write/erase only on the dynamic block.

Auto Read Refresh

Good for read intensive applications. Firmware will auto-refresh the bit errors when they are approaching the pre-set threshold level.

Write Reliability

After sudden power loss and next power on, eMMC will scan buffer block until last programmed page. If ECC Uncorrectable or higher ECC error bit occurs, FW will stop scanning and discard these pages, then copy valid data to new buffer block in order to save the data.

System Block Protection

eMMC system information is stored in SLC area for better robustness. When FW finds UECC pages caused by sudden power loss, those pages would be discarded and move other valid data to a healthy block.

FLEXXON eMMC Power Consuption

Capacity Read (mA) Write (mA) Standby (mA)
4GB 160 50 100 30 0.12
8GB 160 50 100 40 0.15
16GB 170 50 100 50 0.18
32GB 180 50 110 70 0.18
64GB 200 50 120 90 0.20

FLEXXON eMMC Performance

Flash Seq. Read (MB/s) Seq. Write (MB/s)
MLC 250 90
pSLC 250 150

FLEXXON eMMC Ordering Information

Capacity Flash Type Package Grade Part Number
2GB pSLC 100 Balls Diamond FEMC002GTTE7-T13-17
Gold FEMC002GTTG7-T13-17
Automotive FEMC002GTTA7-T13-17
153 Balls Diamond FEMC002GTTE7-T14-17
Gold FEMC002GTTG7-T24-17
Automotive FEMC002GTTA7-T14-17
4GB MLC 100 balls Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T13-16
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T13-16
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T13-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T13-17
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T13-17
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T13-17
4GB MLC 153 Balls Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T14-16
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T24-16
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T14-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T14-17
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T14-17
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T14-17
8GB MLC 100 Balls Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T14-16
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T24-16
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T14-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC004GTTE7-T14-17
Gold FEMC004GTTG7-T14-17
Automotive FEMC004GTTA7-T14-17
MLC 153 Balls Diamond FEMC008GTTE7-T13-17
Gold FEMC008GTTG7-T13-16
Automotive FEMC008GTTA7-T13-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC008GTTE7-T13-17
Gold FEMC008GTTG7-T13-17
Automotive FEMC008GTTA7-T13-17
Capacity Flash Type Package Grade Part Number
16GB MLC 100 Balls Diamond FEMC016GTTE7-T13-16
Gold FEMC016GTTG7-T13-16
Automotive FEMC016GTTA7-T13-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC016GTTE7-T13-27
Gold FEMC016GTTG7-T13-27
Automotive FEMC016GTTA7-T13-27
MLC 153 Balls Diamond FEMC016GTTE7-T14-16
Gold FEMC016GTTG7-T14-16
Automotive FEMC016GTTA7-T14-16
pSLC Diamond FEMC016GTTE7-T14-27
Automotive FEMC016GTTA7-T14-27
32GB MLC 100 Balls Diamond FEMC032GTTE7-T13-26
Gold FEMC032GTTG7-T13-26
Automotive FEMC032GTTA7-T13-26
pSLC Diamond FEMC032GTTE7-T13-47
Gold FEMC032GTTG7-T13-47
Automotive FEMC032GTTA7-T13-47
MLC 153 Balls Diamond FEMC032GTTE7-T14-26
Automotive FEMC032GTTA7-T14-26
pSLC Diamond FEMC032GTTE7-T14-47
Automotive FEMC032GTTA7-T14-47
64GB MLC 100 Balls Diamond FEMC064GTTE7-T13-46
Gold FEMC064GTTG7-T13-46
Automotive FEMC064GTTA7-T13-46
153 Balls Diamond FEMC064GTTE7-T14-46
Automotive FEMC064GTTA7-T14-46

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