Flexxon is the global leader in the NAND storage market with a focus on Industrial, Medical, and automotive applications. Its solid state drive is made to world class standards with a variety of features such as ultimate data security, advanced lifespan management, power loss protection, enhanced reliability, and so on.

When it comes to data security, Flexxon understands how crucial it is to protect sensitive data from intrusive threats and so our SSD empowers you with AES encryption, intelligence erase, physical destruction, and write protect.

With advanced lifespan management, Flexxon SSD corrects errors three times as efficiently as traditional SSDs. This is accomplished with the help of LDPC error correction technology.

Flexxon’s Power Loss Protection protects your data through firmware solution and hardware technology. In the firmware, data is protected to prevent data loss and pair page effect. In hardware, the power loss protection is done using super capacitors or tantalum capacitors.

Flexxon offers Enhanced reliability like no other with multiple features such as wide temperature solution, vibration and shock resistance solution, conformal coating, BGA underfill, and 30μ” gold finger thickness.

The SSD comes with a SMART interface called Flexxon SATA Toolbox which shows you various parameters such as Power on Time, Endurance percentage, and Average Erase count.

Flexxon stands out in the market because of its customization services including firmware customization, BOM customization, PCB re-layout, and so on.

Flexxon’s SSDs are powered by years of research and development by world-class experts in the storage industry to deliver best-in-class reliability. If you want a product that lasts a lifetime, look no further!

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