With popular demand of removal storage media card, especially microSD and SD card, a reliable card connector has become relatively critical. Flexxon, as a world leading memory storage solution provider, is not only supplying high quality memory card but also providing reliable card connector to its customer. Flexxon memory card connector is well-known of its advance features such as high performance, safety design, durability and environmental friendly.

High Performance

  • Industrial temperature range -40°C-+85°C.
  • Insertion/withdrawal speed at 25±3mm/min and force at 40N max.
  • Gold-plated bevelled contacts secure electrical connection.

Safety Design

  • Metal-shielded cover.
  • Polarization features to prevent incorrect card insertion.
  • Mechanism prevents card from flying out upon ejection.

Quality Assurance

  • Fully automated production to secure high quality consistency.
  • 100% automated in-line inspection.
  • 14 types stringent reliability test.



Environmental Friendly

  • Halogen and lead free.
  • RoHS compliance.
  • REACH compliance.

Versatile Application

Customization Services

  • Beside push-push type microSD and SD card connector, we also provide combo card (microSD+SIM) connector, SIM card and smart card connector etc.
  • We provide customization service to meet individual customer’s requirement, please contact us for a pleasant discussion.s

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