Flexxon is the global leader in the NAND storage market with a focus on Industrial, Medical, and Automotive applications.

Flexxon revolutionized the durability of its Industrial memory cards to withstand the harshest environment in these applications, and still perform with unparalleled technologies.

Flexxon memory cards are designed with advanced features including Auto Read Refresh, Power Loss Protection and Advanced Wear Leveling.
The Auto Read Refresh function ensures maximum efficiency of read operations by automatically moving data to a new block before a preset error level threshold is reached.

FLEXXON memory card’s Power Loss Protection protects your data through a firmware solution, by moving the valid data before uncorrectable ECC page upon power recovery thereby minimizing data loss.

The Advanced Wear Leveling evens out erasures and rewrites in the memory blocks for an extended life span especially in embedded operating systems.

Flexxon memory cards comes with the SMART tool to monitor the health and remaining life of your flash card to avoid critical failures. The Alarm function notifies when the card reaches a critical stage based on set parameters, so the user knows when it is time for a replacement.

The SMART tool is an intelligent technology that optimizes costs and reliability for customers by selecting the right flash in any application.

The high IOPS function stores data orderly in the buffer block and instantly merges them into the static block. This allows Flexxon memory cards to excel in high random writes performance best suited for small data size applications.

Data protection provided by the Write-Once-Read-Many technology is a customizable feature that ensures the data is permanently saved and unaltered for read access. These data can be retained for up to a hundred (100) years.

For data security, the security area function provides a password protected security area for the administrator and a user area for regular users.

Apart from data protection, the memory card is physically protected with PC + PET casing and a plastic injection molded frame.

Flexxon also offers high reliability standard memory card connectors that have passed stringent reliability tests and are customizable together with the memory cards.

All these technologies work in synergy to protect your data, enable high performance and increase lifetime of the memory card.

Choose Flexxon for innovative and reliable solutions.

Please find our memory card features in this video.

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