Flexxon Memory Card


Flexxon Memory Card is reliable NAND flash storage solution for Industrial, Medical, and Automotive applications.

Flexxon memory cards are designed with advanced features including Auto Read Refresh, Power Loss Protection and Advanced Wear Leveling.

The Auto Read Refresh function ensures maximum efficiency of read operations by automatically moving data to a new block before a preset error level threshold is reached.

Flexxon Memory Card Series:

SeriesFxPro IFxPro I HighIOPSFxPro IIFxPrem IIFxPrem IIIFxStdFxAdvFxMav
FeatureHigh PerformanceHigh IOPS SolutionExtreme PerformanceEmbedded System SolutionSmall Capacity SLC SolutionStandard PerformanceHigh IOPS Solution with 3D NANDAdvance High IOPS Solution
InterfaceSD 3.0/6.1SD 6.1SD 4.0/5.0SD 3.0SD 2.0SD 3.0SD 6.xSD 6.x
Speed Classup to Class 10up to Class 10up to Class 10Up to Class 10up to Class 6up to Class 10up to Class 10Up to Class 10
CapacitySLC: 128MB ~ 32GB
MLC: 1GB ~ 128GB
pSLC: 2GB ~ 64GB
SLC: 512MB ~ 16GB
MLC: 4GB ~ 32GB
pSLC: 2GB ~ 16GB
MLC: 16GB ~ 256GB
pSLC: 16GB~128GB
SLC: 4GB ~ 32GB
MLC: 8GB ~ 256GB
pSLC: 4GB ~ 128GB
256MB ~ 2GBMLC: 4GB ~ 64GB
pSLC: 4GB ~ 32GB
3D TLC: 16GB ~ 256GB
3D pSLC: 8GB ~ 64GB
16GB ~ 1TB
Max. PerformanceRead: 95 MB/s
Write: 90 MB/s
Read: 95 MB/s
Write: 90 MB/s
Read: 280 MB/s
Write: 245MB/s
Read: 95 MB/s
Write: 80 MB/s
Read: 23 MB/s
Write: 19 MB/s
Read: 80 MB/s
Write: 55 MB/s
Read: 95 MB/s
Write: 90 MB/s
Read: 100MB/s
Write: 90MB/s
GradeIndustrial / CommercialIndustrial / CommercialCommercialIndustrialIndustrialIndustrialIndustrial / CommercialIndustrial / Commercial
Industrial Grade
Support Smart Tool (SD Life Monitor Tool)
Support Auto-Read Refreshment
Support Power Loss Management

Flexxon memory card HighIOPS Solutions:

The High IOPS solution is more efficient than the standard solution for a good reason. In standard solutions the data is scattered over multiple buffer blocks. This scattered data takes time to merge into a static block and slows down random performance. On the other hand, in High IOPS solutions, the data is stored in order in the buffer block and spontaneously merges into the static block without any delay. Flexxon’s High IOPS solutions have been useful to clients from around the world. Powered by Flexxon’s firmware architecture design, high performing optimization algorithm and a unique manufacturing process, our solutions optimize random read performance and hit write performance targets.

FLEXXON SD/ microSD Data Reliability Technology

Auto-Read Refresh Management
Reduce the chance of Uncorrectable errors,resulting from repeated read.

Power Loss Management
UECC may occur during power interrupted writes , due to pair page issue of MLC. FW moves the valid data before UECC page to new block, minimizing data loss.

Advanced Wear leveling.
For Special or customized OS, it could optimize wear leveling and extend the life span.