High Reliability

FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is built with SLC or MLC flash chip, which offers Full Drive Hardware Encryption, Advance Hardware UPS design, Power Surge Protection, etc. Meanwhile, FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is engineered with the top-notch components under state-of-art technology and 100% authenticated by series of stringent tests and requirements.


High Performance

FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is compatible with SATA Ill interface and delivers high speeds of up to 550 MB/s Sequential Read and 450MB/s Sequential Write.


Intense Security

FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is the most competent for military applications with its features such as Security Erase function and Self-Destruction function.


FLEXXON GALAXY Series SSD is specially designed for Military grade applications by its distinctive attributes, such as High Reliability, High Performance and Intense Security



Military Design

  • Advance Head Management
  • Military Design on Firmware Configuration
  • 100% tested with MIL requirement
  • Compliant to NCAGE Code

Hardware Design For UPS

  • Advance Hardware UPS Design which can ensure the whole drive is protected  upon host power failure or unsafe shutdown.
self destruction


  • Physical Destruction Design
  • High voltage is transmitted to SSD for burning each NAND flash IC after the pin is enabled
  • During Self-Destruction , smoke could be seen on NAND flash and each NAND is destroyed in 2 second
  • Data in NAND flash is permanently destroyed and unrecoverable

Secure Erase

  • Data destruction will launch once the Security Erase Pin is triggered
  • Both maping table and storage blocks are deleted and SSD will be written with meaningless pattern
  • Secure Erase will not stop even if power outage occurs

Full Drive Hardware Encryption

  • Full Drive Hardware Encryption with AES 128 / 256 by using Random key

Power Surge Protection

  • Offers ESD, surge and short-circuit protection to hinder electrical damages to SSD itself and host devices

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