Activate the Read-Only function and prevent unauthorized access of your confidential files!

Are you looking for a tamper-proof data storage solution to enhance the privacy of crucial data? Flexxon introduces the Read Only SSD to ensure data security for you. The SSD keeps your sensitive files and preserves the authenticity of all your essential data and prohibits your files from the risk of alteration. It gives you the privilege of preventing alterations like saving new files, changing, overwriting, or deleting any file from the SSD.

The Flexxon Read-Only mode SSD plays an important role in applications where ensuring data security is important. Business organizations, financial institutes, the cybersecurity industry, medical and healthcare facilities can experience benefits. It ensures records and other sensitive files are extremely secured. Besides, the data remains intact and free from malware so that you can save files and prohibit re-writing or editing of the data. As long as you keep your SSD in Read-Only mode, the data will remain secure, and information cannot be tampered with, deleted, stolen, or manipulated by anyone. Read Only Mode SSD

Enable and Disable Flexxon Read-Only Mode

The authentication process is easy to set up the Flexxon Read-Only SSD. It enables the Windows Tool to activate the Read-Only mode and limit sensitive data from unauthorized users into the SSD. The simple process includes:

Enable and Disable Flexxon Read-Only Mode

Step1: Launch the software tool to activate or deactivate the Read-Only function

Step2: Activate or deactivate the Read-Only function on the SSD

Below workflow shows how to enable/disable the Read-Only function of the SSD:

Enable Read-Only function using Read-Only Software Tool

Enable Read-Only function using Read-Only Software Tool

Disable Read-Only function using Read-Only Software Tool

Disable Read-Only function using Read-Only Software Tool

Top Features 

Fortify data confidentiality and keep sensitive data safe from illegal activities or manipulation with the following features of the Read-Only mode SSD:

  • Read-Only Feature: When the Read-Only mode is turned ON, you cannot write data into the SSD anymore.
  • Prohibit Alterations: In Read-Only mode, the stored data cannot be edited, deleted, renamed, or formatted.
  • Enable or Disable: You can enable or disable the Read-Only mode. The data can be modified when the mode is disabled.
  • High Speed: The SSD provides a high sequential speed of reading and writing so you can have a faster data transfer experience.

Specifications of Flexxon Read-Only Mode SSD

Enjoy high reliability, wide compatibility, and excellent performance and ensure prohibited access to crucial data by anyone. It includes:

Form factorM.2 2280, 2.5 SATA 3 SSD, Half Slim SSD, Industrial  mSATA SSD
InterfaceSATA III
Temperature Grade-40~85C
Sequential Speed

Read: 550 MB/s

Write: 500 MB/s

No more stress of storing crucial data because Flexxon Read-Only Mode SSD has opened a new dimension to keep your crucial data safe. As long as the Read-Only Mode function is on, no one apart from you can delete, manipulate, or steal your data.

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