Industrial and Rugged SD Card

rugged sd card

FLEXXON’s Industrial SD card is a flash storage device that is synonymous in terms of reliability and endurance. Having undergone intense testing in various environments, our Rugged SD card not only conforms to the SD Associations microSD specifications but remains at the top of the industry in terms of withstanding the most rugged and unforgiving environments.

FLEXXON’s Industrial & Rugged SD card is able to perform exceptionally through hazardous environments and remains totally usable without experiencing any form of data loss. It is well adapted for hand-held applications in INDUSTRIAL, MEDICAL, AUTOMOTIVE (IMA) markets.

FLEXXON’s focus in the IMA market allows us to support the longest life cycle Fixed-BOM solutions to worldwide customers. In addition, FLEXXON is the only manufacturer currently supporting products like SD or microSD MLC in low capacity (1GB & 2GB) that have been obsoleted by other manufacturers.

Flexxon Secure Digital Card Family Series

Series FxPro I FxPro I HighIOPS FxPro II FxPrem II FxPrem III FxStd FxAdv
Feature High Performance High IOPS Solution Extreme Performance Embeded System Solution Small Capacity SLC Solution Standard Performance High IOPS Solution with 3D NAND
Interface SD 3.0/5.0 SD 5.1 SD 4.0/5.0 SD 3.0 SD 2.0 SD 3.0 SD 5.1
Speed Class Upto Class 10 Upto Class 10 Upto Class 10 Upto Class 10 Upto Class 6 Upto Class 10 Upto Class 10
No of Channels 2 2 1 1 1 2 1
Card Form Factor SD / microSD SD / microSD SD / microSD SD / microSD SD / microSD SD / microSD SD / microSD
Capacity SLC: 128MB ~ 32GB SLC: 512MB ~ 16GB MLC: 16GB ~ 256GB SLC: 4GB ~ 32GB MLC: 4GB ~ 64GB 3D TLC,32GB ~ 512GB
MLC: 1GB ~ 128GB MLC: 4GB ~ 32GB pSLC: 32GB ~ 128GB MLC: 8GB ~ 256GB 256MB ~ 2GB pSLC: 4GB ~ 32GB 3D pSLC,2GB ~ 128GB
pSLC: 2GB ~ 64GB pSLC: 4GB ~ 16GB  pSLC: 4GB ~ 128GB
Max. Performance Read: 95 MB/s Read: 95 MB/s Read: 280 MB/s Read: 95 MB/s Read: 20 MB/s Read: 80 MB/s Read: 95 MB/s
Write: 90 MB/s Write: 90 MB/s Write: 245 MB/s Write: 80 MB/s Write: 15 MB/s Write: 55 MB/s Write: 80 MB/s
Grade Industrial
(Gold & Diamond) / Commercial
(Gold & Diamond) / Commercial
Commercial Industrial(Gold & Diamond) Industrial(Diamond) Industrial(Gold & Diamond) Industrial
(Gold & Diamond) / Commercial
Function Industrial Grade
Support Smart info Tool ( SD Life monitor Tool )
Support Auto-Read Refreshment
Support unexpected power off Management

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