Highest Level of
Data Protection

Based on the latest technology, Flexxon’s MINIELF SEC I USB offers the highest level of data protection to its users. This USB 3.1 GEN 1 removable flash drive incorporates a specific software that ensures the stored data cannot be overwritten or accidentally erased.

The MINIELF SEC I USB is the combination of two partitions into one flexible solution; one is Public area and the other is the Read-Only area. The Public area is a standard partition enabling its users to have a useful read and write access. The Read-Only area makes sure the data becomes unalterable once saved and gives the users to read-only access.

The MINIELF SEC I USB is a super-speed solution which lets its users save and download their files certifying the highest-level of security


A cost-effective, tamper-proof solution that secures your data,
SEC I USB by Flexxon is a robust industrial-use USB drive

Supports super-speed function
with various storage capacities

Combines secured and flexible
partitions of Public and
Read-Only Areas

Locks data on the user's
command to the designated
read-only folder


Designed to store sensitive data to a Read-Only partition on the user’s command.
SEC I USB proves to be the most reliable, easy-to-use storage solution

How It Works

SEC I USB follows specifically programmed protocols to keep your data safe.

First, it creates an undeletable partition to prevent the computer from deleting the information.
Then the computer reads the partition and informs the user that the information has become unerasable.
The drive never becomes entirely locked rather enables the user to use it the Public Area Partition for his own use.


Flexxon’s new SEC I USB is highly compatible with
robust industrial applications.

Device Installation

Device Installation

The device installation drivers are usually distributed by CD/DVDs which are outdated now and many computers do not support it anymore. Another possible way can be the internet but it can cause some issues related to network problems. On the other hand, the installation of Software and Drivers for the hardware can utilize the SEC USB along with their product manuals.

The corporate offices can have the benefits of an efficient installation process for the hardware and software applications; such as:

  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Audio Devices
  • Projectors



By using the SEC I USB drive in the application devices, the financial industry can have the benefits of efficient Database Record & Management. The SEC USB can be used to store database records and effortless sharing among the corporate finance and business teams. It can also aid the process of Financial data management (FDM) which is usually assisted by a specialized finance software.

  • Combine its financial information
  • Maintain compliance with accounting rules and laws and
  • Produce detailed financial reports


Air-Gap Development

The SEC I USB makes sure the stored data cannot be overwritten or accidentally erased. It can be highly beneficial to pair with air gap development. The air-gap is one kind of backup for crucial data to protect from unprecedented threats related to cybercrime. It is an offline secondary storage system and does not have any connection to the public networks. Thus, the influential data from the stock market, military, government, and industrial power industries remain safe from attacks or corruption. SEC I USB can be used for updating the patches for the air-gapped system where the system is not online. This USB along with the air-gap development ensures that the patches cannot be edited and the authenticity will be intact. It is highly compatible for using in every sort of application as well.

  • Confidential Stock Market Reports
  • Concealed Military Information
  • Crucial Government Data
  • Sensitive Industrial Documents


The SEC I USB drive is helpful to keep track of patient medical records and for the easy and secure exchange of medical information amongst the medical teams. The benefits include:

  • Diagnostic Test Results
  • Patient Diagnosis History
  • Patient’s Medical Records, for example, Allergies, Long-Term Disorders, etc.
  • Clinical Records kept by the doctors

USB Card for Medical Usage

Instead of relying solely on physical records, assign a USB Card per patient. That way it would be configured, the patient would have read-only access, while the hospital would have write access and they would be able to add/remove/modify files in the patient’s record.

Label printing, logo and designs are also customizable to each customers needs.

  • Personalized unique information
  • Selective permission grant to protect privacy
  • Customizable housing design for each customer

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