Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card: Ensure Protection by Putting On
Mask to Valuable Data and Make It Invisible

Three layers of advanced security features to enhance the authentication and protection of the
crucial data and keep it hidden from prying eyes!

Singapore – Looking for a memory solution to strengthening the privacy of your data? Flexxon introduces the new X-MaskTM SD and microSD cards to ensure that. Apply the Mask feature and keep your memory card invisible from random users. It gives you the privilege to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential files. To ensure the protection with X-MaskTM memory card, you will need the security tool that will legalize your computer and let you inside with a valid password. So, your important files will remain safe once the Mask is activated.

The specified security tool makes the X-MaskTM memory card concealed from unauthenticated access. Without installing the security tool and stated password, none can access the memory card or see what’s inside. By enabling a certain security tool and the correct password, the stored files are free to read, write, or modify. Even if the card is stolen, without the tool along the stored data will remain invisible to random users.

The X-MaskTM serves you with excellent performance, high reliability, and wide compatibility. As long as you keep the “Mask” on, your data will be hidden and password protected so that the information cannot be stolen, read, changed, or deleted by random people. 

Features of Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card

Utilize the advanced features of the Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card in the system is to store crucial essential data and enhance the levels of protection. The following three layers have been attributed to enhancing security strength:

How to Use Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card?

To make the system worthwhile, Flexxon developed a security tool for the X-MaskTM memory card to be used on Windows to hide with password authentication. For users with embedded applications, they can implement our SDK into their host tool chain on the legal host to hide the card with password authentication. Once installed, the user can set a password and mask the memory card together with the data in it. Without the security tool and the passcode, the host will not recognize the card and the records will remain hidden.

X-MaskTM SD and microSD cards are appropriate and easy to use for anyone who needs to keep the data hidden and prohibit illegal access. It is good for applications for:

Specifications of Flexxon X-MaskTM Memory Card

Enjoy excellent security, high reliability, and wide compatibility of Flexxon X-MaskTM and ensure the privacy of your crucial data. The memory card includes:

Capacity 4GB ~ 256GB
SD Specs 3.0
File System 4GB - 32GB: FAT32
64GB and above: exFAT
Operating Temperature Gold Grade: -25C to 85C
Diamond Grade: -40C -85C

No more stress of storing crucial files because the X-MaskTM Memory Card by Flexxon has opened a new dimension to keep the important data safe and sound. As long as the Mask function is on, none can copy or steal the crucial data. Get Flexxon X-MaskTM SD or microSD Card today and retain the privacy of your work.

About Flexxon

Flexxon is a leading industrial NAND flash storage and memory manufacturer. They are emphasizing providing memory solutions ensuring the highest level of data security. All the compact storage solutions are applicable for Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive (CIMA) applications. Flexxon has a wide range of versatile memory products and to serve every sector successfully. For a reliable, competent, and enduring memory, Flexxon is always ready to deliver the customers with premium memory and security devices.

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