Now Data Transfer will become easier within heavy industrial and military applications!

Data transfer is important in every sector and an Industrial USB Drive is the best alternative. The reason is the storage security. Usual pen drives can be used for regular purposes but industrial sectors and military applications need extra care. This is obvious because of the harsh weather of high-density applications. Reminding this, Flexxon introduced an industrial-grade Rugged USB Pen drive. It comprises a of maximum 256GB of memory space to hold huge files and the shielded outer structure keeps the flash drive safe.

Purpose of Flexxon Ruggedized Flash Drive

Rugged USB drives tend to serve in the adverse territory. Flexxon Rugged Industrial USB Pen Drive solution ensures security and works perfectly in extreme temperatures. This drive survives extreme ruggedness. The casing of the drive protects the functionalities from vibration, dust, and water. So, the data will remain for the whole time without any damage. and absolutely easy to store data to transmit within it.

Features of Flexxon Rugged USB Drive

Flexxon Rugged USB Drive is designed for superior reliability while using in a harsh atmosphere. The 3D NAND High IOPS and USB 3.0 pen drive make a perfect fit for every application. It enables easy data transfers without requiring any cabling operator or tools. The modular of the device itself safeguards the device from external harm. It doesn’t even need any active cooling system at all.

Flexxon Rugged USB drive

The top features of Rugged Flash Drive include:

  • Industrial and commercial grade solution
  • Vibration and corrosion resistant
  • Dustproof and waterproof solution
  • Metal plug protector safeguards from shock, dust, and water
  • FxUA and High IOPS enlisted
  • Wear leveling function
  • Capacity 16GB to 256GB
  • MTBF is 1million hours
  • Engineering control available for product change notice and end life policy

Environmental Protection Features of Flexxon Rugged USB Drive

To ensure a ruggedized solution the  Industrial USB drive provides environmental protection with the following attributes:

  • Coated with salt spray for 48 h with nickel painting (ROHS)
  • Less than 500 h soaked in olive drab cadmium for durability
  • Vibration resistance to MIL-STD-800G in the method of 514.5 fig 515.5.C cat 14
  • Temperature confrontation ranges from -40°C to +85°C (MIL-STD-810F)
  • Data broadcast available throughout vibration and temperature tests
  • Sticks to IP68 during mate


To get a highly resourceful and effective data transmission service from the adverse industrial or military instrument, no other choice can be better than Flexxon Rugged USB Drive. It is highly effective for Tactical Services Router, Military unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other unnamed platforms, aviation, aerospace, transportation, marine, rugged networking, and robotic system.

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