Forget Transfer Rates, Choose Real Measure of Performance

Imagine you are getting a new car. Which feature would you rather have – high engine power or high top speed? A powerful engine allows you to drive smooth. But you rarely drive at top speed, so a slight difference there doesn’t matter.

The same is true for applications that work with small data. On the surface, it seems that these applications perform better with high data transfer rates. But in reality, input output operations per second (IOPS) is the real measure of their performance.

Standard Solution Vs High lOPS Solution


The High lOPS solution is more efficient than the standard solution for a good reason. In standard solutions the data is scattered over multiple buffer blocks. This scattered data takes time to merge into a static block and slows down random performance. On the other hand, in High lOPS solutions, the data is stored in order in the buffer block and spontaneously merges into the static block without any delay. Flexxon’s High lOPS solutions have been useful to clients from around the world. Powered by Flexxon’s firmware architecture design, high performing optimization algorithm and a unique manufacturing process, our solutions optimize random read performance and hit write performance targets.

Why you need High IOSP Solutions

Most data storage solutions don’t have high IOPS, although they give good sequential performance. These solutions only work well for large data activities.

Applications that use small data need high IOPS to work efficiently. Flexxon stood up to this demand for High lOPS and tailored solutions that facilitate small data activities and provide high random performance.

Built to Industry Standards

Flexxon High lOPS Industrial Memory Card complies with the Industrial Standards. It could meet a Minimum Random Read of 1,500 lOPS (input/output operations per second), and a Minimum Random Write of 500 IOPS, along with a Minimum Sustained Sequential Write speed of 10MB/s.

Flexxon is planning to launch the Advance High lOPS solution in Q4, 2018. Flexxon Advance High lOPS Solution is likely to meet the requirement of Minimum Random Read of 4,000 10PS, Minimum Random Write of 2,000 IOPS, and Minimum Sustained Sequential Write of 10MB/s.

Our Storage Solutions Provide Three Key Features

Data Availability: Get maximum application uptime.

Storage Scalability: Expand storage capacity without disruption.

Storage Performance: No application latency ensures high performance.

Supreme Performance in Medtech Applications

Unlike other storage solutions providers, Flexxon has always kept a laser sharp focus on the niche market. Over the years, Flexxon has gained invaluable experience and knowledge about the medical industry which helped it create innovative solutions.

Medical equipments such as homecare devices and patient diagnostic systems usually keep small data files. The data is kept as log files and read/written randomly. Keeping this storage mechanism in mind, Flexxon designed a high performance solution that can optimize medtech applications. The High lOPS feature enhances random performance and gives your application an edge over others.

Flexxon’s storage solutions have High lOPS and low latency – a powerful combination for medtech applications. By solving the major storage challenges, Flexxon’s High lOPS storage solutions have set a benchmark in the industry.

One Solution Enhances Many Applications

High performance random writes are important for several applications because they allow them to write data intensively. There are many applications that deploy small data write activities and benefit from our High lOPS solutions. They are:

  • Access Control System
  • Agriculture Machinary
  • Control and Monitoring System
  • Heavy Industrial Machinary
  • Networking & Telecommnication
  • Power Solutions
  • Rugged Tablets
  • Seismic Recorder
  • Test and Measurement equipment
  • Weighing Machine

Join the Evolution

The Increased fluidity and high performance has solved a crucial problem in industrial applications that write small data. Flexxon is pioneering this change in technology by bringing High IOPS solutions to the right applications.

Join this evolution and adopt a faster and better way of storing data.

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