Flexxon FxLocker Secure USB Drive

Enable Password
Ensure Data Protection

Data Supremacy with
Security Key Code

Control access towards your crucial data enabling password into the
Flexxon FxLocker Secure USB drive. It has been designed in an extremely
small form factor and supports security functions to achieve a higher
level of requirements in data protection.

Permit access to your valuable data

Experience the security features of Flexxon FxLocker USB Device

Authenticate Correct Password
To Unlock the USB Drive

Ensure supreme security of your crucial data with password
protection. Without authorizing the correct password, none can
have the access to the stored data inside the device.

Top-Notch Security Keeps The
Stored Data Protected

Maintains the utmost data security and superior security
functions. Password authorization does not require any software
or driver installation with USB specification
revision 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0.

Top Specifications of The
FxLocker Secured USB Device

Technology AES-XTS 256-bit
RSA 2048-bit
SHA 256-bit
Interface USB 3.0 GEN 1
Flash Type 3D TLC
Max. Performance Read-160MB/s
Capacity 16GB to 64GB
Grade Commercial

Control Negative Influence of Your Important Data by
Utilizing Benefits of FxLocker USB Drive

If you want your important files and documents to remain safe and untouched, then you need to utilize the benefits of the FxLocker Secure USB Drive.
This password-protected secured USB solution is ideal for those who handle multiple confidential files and share details with authorized personnel.
To achieve a higher level of requirements with utmost data security get Flexxon FxLocker USB Device.