Excited to know what Flexxon is saying about our winning innovation? We have answered a few interesting questions from TNB Ventures about our award-winning innovation and the support garnered from this competition! Read the article here: bit.ly/flexxononTNBventure



In the upcoming months, we bring to you updates on the locally nurtured startups and companies whose proposed projects were awarded for funding by CSA to develop solutions that address innovation challenges by corporate users in the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation 2018.

Here are three questions with Flexxon:

1. What was your proposed innovation and solution?

Flexxon introduced X-PHY Ultra Cyber Secure SSD – the world’s first hardware and firmware base security SSD. Our innovation has been designed to address the issues of proximity by protecting the end-to-end data flow in SSD from the most destructive and advanced attacks at the essence of hardware and firmware level.

With a strong technological cybersecurity approach, X-PHY AI Cyber Secure SSD will be the last line of defense that actively monitors and defends data-in-motion or at rest inside the data stream.

2. How has the programme benefited your company?

We benefited in many ways. The organisers (CSA & TNB)  of the programme were supportive, interactive and inspirational. We learnt a lot throughout this valuable experience. With their help and guidance, we picked up some great formulas that contributed to our marketing strategy to boost our brand awareness. They also provided us with more resources, channels and opportunities to reach those we may not have been able to otherwise.

3. Were there new business opportunities after your participation in the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation Programme in 2018?

Aside from the private corporate customers who are awaiting for our products to be ready for testing, we have gotten in touch with the Singapore Government sector as well. For instance, we have been keeping in touch with DSO regarding this product and other customised products with special security requirements.

Flexxon is currently focused on serving Industrial Grade NAND Solutions product to the Industrial, Medical, Automotive (IMA) and  Security markets. This innovation grant has enabled us to shorten the delivery time to market, supported us to extend our marketing beyond IMA sectors to more customers and applications. Lastly, we are also able to plan for future business strategies to expand our current B2B market to B2C market.

Flexxon was awarded the funding by CSA for the Cybersecurity Industry Call for Innovation 2018 to deliver a revolutionary Cyber Security appliance to the Singapore government, education, healthcare, financial and information sectors. The solution will also be extended to the US federal agencies, foreign governments, allies, security-conscious enterprise clients, PC OEMs and international end-users.

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