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Are you affected by NAND Global Chip Shortage?

Get immediate support from Flexxon during the crisis of NAND global chip shortage & deliver your orders!

global chip shortage

Reasons of NAND Flash Crisis

Factory Downtime
Chipset Supply Deficit
Low Quality NAND Delivered
The Spike in Price Due to Shortage

Insights from the NAND industry

The vice president research director at advisory firm Forrester, Glenn O’Donnell believes the shortage could last until 2023. 

3 to 8% increase
eMMC Contract Prices
15 to 30% increase
Datacenter SSDs Prices
5 to 8% increase
NAND Flash Wafer Contract Prices
3 to 8% increase
Client & Enterprise SSD Contract Prices
The Flexxon Solution

Our solution
changes your life

Plan your inventory with us for Fixed BOM solution and get a smooth supply of NAND Flash Storage devices for your products. 

eMMC 5.0 Supply
Memory Card Supply
Universal Flash Storage & NAND Supply

Plan with Flexxon to maintain
NAND Flash Stocks

Product Allocation
High Reliability
Global Recognition
Integrated Solutions

Successfully meeting the increasing NAND needs of CIMA industry

Apart from meeting the needs of CIMA industry, Flexxon has been delivering NAND Flash Chips to meet the increased demand from Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (50% increase in NAND demand), 5G Smartphones (468% increase in NAND demand) & Personal Computers (6% increase in NAND demand).

NAND Shortage
Flexxon memory manufacturer

Beat The Global Chip Shortage with Flexxon

As a renowned NAND flash memory manufacturer, Flexxon has supported many global IMA consumers through time. Get in contact with us to discuss your NAND needs and proposal.

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