Why do cyberattacks continue to occur in spite of significant investments pouring into the industry and the use of AI? It lies in the environment in which it is operating, according to our CEO Camellia Chan in this interview with e27.
She shares that there are three main problems in today’s cybersecurity approach: It is mainly software-based, reactive and overly reliant on human intervention.

“At the external software layer, the variables that security SSD need to account for are astronomical. Thus, even if AI is applied to such solutions, it needs to contend with an immense volume of threat variables in an ever-changing environment. In addition, current external layer defences are reactive in nature and can only recognise known threats,” she explains.

“Finally, current solutions still rely heavily on human decision-making. For instance, for the user to determine if a threat is real or not, to decide if an email is legitimate or malicious and so on. This is a huge problem, and in fact, humans are responsible for over 95 per cent of data breaches. Why? Because we cannot possibly determine if a threat is legitimate or not, and even making that one mistake can lead to huge ramifications.”

This is why we designed the X-PHY SSD to address all three gaps in one simple piece of hardware.

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