The age of the Industrial Sector’s digital transformation and evolution is steering advancements in the technological landscape, molding it into a progressive economic growth contributor. The industrial sector is a segment of industries that aids other businesses in manufacturing, shipping, or selling machinery, equipment, and supplies used to mass-produce other goods rather than being sold directly to consumers. New and innovative technologies make jobs easier, faster, and better, which can increase a business’s output and profits. A report published by power and motion highlights that Global industrial manufacturing production will reach a value of $44.5 trillion by the end of 2022.

What is eMMC?

Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) is a storage device containing an MMC (multimedia card) interface, a flash memory controller, and flash memory on the same die. The “embedded” part of the eMMC Storage illustrates the soldering of the MultiMediaCard directly onto the device’s motherboard making it stationary or immobilized. The eMMC Storage is a compact and non-volatile memory storage solution that can access data stored in its memory without employing an external power source. The advantages of low-power consumption and low-level flash management mitigate excessive host processing leading to a simpler processor design and qualification process, which allows products to reach the market faster and facilitates support for future flash device offerings. In addition, the eMMC eventuates in an industry-standard BGA (Ball Grid Array) package of 100 balls & 153 balls, offering longer life cycles and simplified application interface design complexities.

eMMC in the Industrial Sector:

The eMMC finds its usage in the Industrial Sector owing to its several advanced features rendering it suitable for industrial applications. The eMMC tolerates high temperatures and has the capability to withstand high levels of vibration and shock without any loss of function, consequently, becoming an appropriate storage alternative for the demanding operating conditions of industrial applications. Many industrial users rely on the eMMC to store their application software, operating system, or log key data. The eMMC addresses the storage prerequisites in embedded systems and is designed specifically for industrial embedded computing applications for various markets such as aerospace, mobile base stations, security devices, medical diagnostic devices, and many others.

FLEXXON Tender a Storage Solution for the Industrial Sector: THE eMMC!!!

FLEXXON is a leading manufacturer of NAND Flash storage devices that comprehended the pressing priority of size-effective, power-efficient, high-tech, and cost-effective storage solutions. Hence, it tendered an expedient Industrial grade eMMC technology ideal for rugged operating conditions. The infallible and robust industrial grade eMMC storage memory solution contrived by FLEXXON as a combined flash and a controlled BOM solution can be soldered directly to the device’s motherboard, alleviating compatibility complications and resulting in a smaller footprint of the device without major changes in product engineering and design. Furthermore, the low power consumption of the eMMC introduced by FLEXXON is also part of the appeal for industrial users, necessitating a reliable and affordable flash memory storage system.

FLEXXON offers eMMC befitting for space-constrained devices minimizing the drain on the continuous power supply usage for critical operating industrial systems. The FLEXXON’s eMMC product family complies with JEDEC® (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) eMMC™ v5.1, v5.0, v4.x interface high standards and protocols to deliver durable storage solutions for the industrial embedded market segment. With the standardization by JEDEC®, FLEXXON’s eMMC has emerged as a mass data storage device with extended attributes like Flash-technology independence, high data throughput, a wide range of operating temperatures, shock resistance, and vibration disruption, and supports features such as boot operation, replay protected memory block (RPMB), device health report, field firmware updates, power-off notification, enhanced features for faster and more reliable operation, write leveling, high-priority interrupt (HPI), secure trim/erase, and high-speed.

FLEXXON has developed a storage eMMC device that acts as an embodiment of high endurance with its various variants of ECON II, XTRA VII, XTRA III, and AXO being functional under stressful conditions of high heat and humidity. FLEXXON’s eMMC is available in both eMMC 153-balls (11.5 x 13.0 x 1.0mm) and eMMC 100 balls (14.0 x18.0 x 1.4mm) advanced firmware BGA packages. The market mainstream is the eMMC 153 balls package which is suitable for industrial applications. Still, FLEXXON is breaking ground with its customizable services of eMMC 100 balls. To support the increasing demands across the industrial sector, FLEXXON’s eMMC is built on the TS16949 Certification manufacturing standard based on ISO 9001. Furthermore, FLEXXON’s eMMC is amalgamated with trailblazing features of PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) prerequisites featuring the industry-leading SMART feature, which stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology. The SMART feature authorizes users to supervise the status of their device’s performance, reliability, health monitoring, and control. Furthermore, the eMMC sanctions Linux commands to read the SMART information from the device while keeping a check on the lifespan of the eMMC. As a result, the Global Embedded MultiMediaCard (EMMC) Market Growth Report has nominated FLEXXON as one of the inimitable eMMC manufacturers.

Technical features of FLEXXON’s eMMC lucrative for the Industrial Sector:

Designed with the latest Flash controller, deep diagnostic, 3D NAND technology, and locked BOMs for industrial embedded applications, the FLEXXON’s eMMC storage solution provides irrevocable performance, impeccable reliability, and imperium endurance working on unrivaled storage densities from 4GB to 512GB. The FLEXXON’s eMMC adheres to AEC (-40°C to 105°C) specifications working on a wide range of temperatures making it extremely well-adapted to the challenging needs of the industrial market. FLEXXON’s eMMC has replaced removable Flash with embedded flash memory that could be configured in the same space as the current storage device, reducing manufacturing design reconfiguration and offering decreased cell-to-cell interference and accelerated connectivity. The eMMC administers a comprehensive read refresh and read disturb algorithm to handle data retention by sensing early signs of block degradation of affected pages using a high Bit Error Rate (BER) with multiple scans and automatically refreshing the data. Reliable Write enabled by eMMC ensures writes are routed for superior write speeds allowing transfer rates up to 310 MB/s with the fastest interface speed (HS400), warranting that the new data is written without causing corruption to existing data. The FLEXXON’s eMMC is bootable and implements intricate mechanisms for protecting the device from external power failures.

The top-notch quality eMMC of FLEXXON is equipped with several substantial features, including secure bad block erase commands and Enhanced Write Protection, with permanent and partial protection options permitting industrial applications to have internal flash storage warranting interoperability among devices along with exhibiting the elaborate features stated underneath:
  • Tailor-made firmware: The firmware warrants the use of eMMC according to the nature of the industrial sector application.
  • Highly Integrated eMMC Solution: Exceptional storage capacity of 4GB to 512GB supporting an extensive temperature range of -40°C~105°C for industrial applications.
  • Packaged Design: Compact-sized storage device to meet several industrial sector applications’ high reliability and high-performance needs.
  • Pre-loaded data integrity in the reflow process: Data integrity refers to the reliability and authenticity of industrial data. The pre-loaded industrial applications’ data might get corrupted during soldering. FLEXXON’s eMMC uses pSLC blocks only during the soldering process and leverages strong pages from NAND flash to ensure no data is lost during the reflow process.
  • Static and Dynamic Wear Leveling: FLEXXON’s eMMC supports static and dynamic wear leveling. The static wear leveling shifts cold industrial applications data (seldom updated system data) to the block of the maximum erase count in the data area, whereas the dynamic wear leveling shifts hot industrial data (constantly updated user data) to the block of the minimum erase count in the data area. Hence, reducing the risk of read disturb and sustaining data integrity for the industrial sector.
  • Auto Read Refresh: Auto Read Refresh monitors the bit errors in every read operation of eMMC. This is important for read-intensive industrial applications. To prevent data damage in eMMC, a refresh operation will be triggered when the bit errors approach the pre-set threshold level.
  • Power Loss Protection: FLEXXON’s eMMC supports pSLC Area Backup Technology for industrial applications. Partial NAND is enabled as pSLC to backup data, which is non-volatile storage that can provide higher read/write performance and data reliability. FLEXXON’s eMMC endorses UECC handling, which in case of sudden power loss, initiates an uncorrectable ECC found in a programmed page. The eMMC scans the whole system blocks, and once an ECC uncorrectable or higher ECC error bit is found, those pages will be discarded, and the valid data will be moved to a health block. The FLEXXON’s eMMC disseminates a power-off notification to provide sufficient time for the device to back up all the cache data.
  • Advanced NAND management: RoHS Compliance ensures superior quality NAND management, and controlled BOM provides consistent performance of the industrial applications.
  • SMART: FLEXXON’s eMMC supports the Linux command to read the SMART information and monitor the health and remaining life of the eMMC installed in the industrial applications to avoid critical failures.

Applications of the eMMC in the Industrial Sector:

The FLEXXON’s eMMC, with its sophisticated features, provides an ultimate embedded storage solution with endless possibilities for Industrial applications and finds its utility in the subsequent industrial applications:
Industrial IoT:
The worldwide trend has shifted towards venturing into industrial IoT applications to replace manual work, which utilizes eMMC as a compact storage device due to its low-power consumption and numerous enhanced features. Furthermore, with the rapid growth of the IoT market, eMMC is finding its way to newer applications because of its high-density performance, higher working capacity, and ability to handle extremely large amounts of data in such a small footprint. As a result, IoT manufacturers are incorporating eMMCs into the tiny sensors and control devices built into refrigerators, streets, cars, warehouses, etc.
Industrial Equipment:
The industrial equipment utilizes the eMMC storage device built on higher standards to deliver the durability and reliability expected in industrial embedded market segments. Industrial devices such as pipeline inspection equipment and industrial machines avail the eMMC to fulfill their storage demands. eMMCs, with their minuscule size, affordable price, and flash performance, enable Industrial equipment to execute outstanding performance.
Embedded systems:
The eMMC is maneuvered in Embedded Single Board Computers to simplify the application interface, depreciate the CPU processing and appreciate the NAND-level Flash memory management. The eMMC is also used as a General boot medium for embedded industrial applications because of its tiny footprint, making it preferable for space-constrained embedded industrial systems requiring rugged endurance, reliability, and durability in harsh environments. In addition, the eMMC facilitates embedded systems by offering improved device performance, power efficiency, and compatibility.
Robotics and Factory Automation:
The eMMC is a viable storage solution for robotics and factory automation devices’ relays, controllers, and recorders. The eMMC certifies consistency, extended lifetime, and solidity for storage wants of factory automation and industrial surveillance applications. The eMMC is helping robotics and industrial automation machines to develop an absolute storage device for integration that meets high-quality standards bidding data integrity, data protection, and fast transfer rate.


The FLEXXON’s eMMC is a ruggedized storage device used for the Industrial Sector in different densities, offloading the main CPU from low level flash storage management, consuming reduced power, and transferring data at remarkable speeds. Intended to facilitate an enhanced Industrial user experience, the FLEXXON’s eMMC tolerates harsh operating environments and guarantees protection against extreme hot and cold temperature ranges, acting as a continuum of durability. In addition, the JEDEC-compliant FLEXXON’s eMMC reduces the design-in complexity, accentuates longer product life cycles, and shortens the qualification cycle extending an explicit Industrial-grade storage mechanism.

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