An Extraordinary SSD Interface for High Performing Industrial Applications

If you are looking for a superior storage solution then you need Flexxon INSPIRE SATA 3 SSD. It is designed with high-quality storage attributes for faster functionality. The multiple form factors support a wide range of applications so that you can utilize its excellent features in your organization.

The INSPIRE SATA 3 SSD device is the latest one from the SATA 3 SSD series of Flexxon. Due to the emerging popularity, the INSPIRE series serves you the best in terms of features and specifications. For better quality flash storage, you can set your top priority to the INSPIRE SATA III SSD. You will not get just a spontaneous data storage device, but a reliable and compatible one too.


Basically, Solid State Drive or SSDs are a mass storage device that is currently taking place of traditional Hard Disk Drive or HDDs. The main reason to obsolete HDD is its speed and storage capacity. In terms of the INSPIRE SATA III SSD, it is 100 times faster than the HDDs that meet the requirements of various industrial applications. You will have greater support in reading and writing including the maintenance of permanently stored data even without power.


The Flexxon INSPIRE SATA III SSD comes with some amazing features to make sure you can have an easy configuration and instant connectivity within any application. The top features that formulate the efficiency of the INSPIRE SATA III SSD are:

  • Extraordinary Performance: The INSPIRE SATA III SSD sets an incredible perimeter of performance. The sequential read and write capacity is respectively 560MB/s and 520MB/s including a maximum of 90K to 80K IOPS. The outstanding features confirm that it mitigates the high demands of industrial applications.
  • Enhanced Endurance: The INSPIRE SATA III SSDs are reliable for long-term endurance. It is also comprehensive to data protection and ideal for applications that especially take part in multitasking. The memory cells are also compatible with global wear-leveling in order to serve you for a long time with a number of programs and erase cycles.
  • Superior Data Security: The INSPIRE SATA III SSD has utilized the AES encryption technology for providing 100% data security. AES is a certified algorithm for encrypting any critical data in the Self-Encrypting Drive. The encryption key remains unknown to the manufacturers and buyers. So, even if the system is attacked, that cannot break through the AES encryption. Flexxon INSPIRE SATA III SSD is compliant with the TCG Opal 2.0 standard. This is highly specified for better risk management compatible in any operating system.
  • Power Loss Protection: The INSPIRE SATA III SSDs can withstand sudden power loss and protects against device failure. The reserve capacitor is able to store enough power that allows the system and mapping tables to be flushed. When there is a power outage into NAND flash memory, the SSD can still have the backup. It also includes built-in intelligence to detect voltage fluctuations and initiates the process instantly.

Top Application Areas of INSPIRE SATA III 

The Flexxon INSPIRE SATA III SSD is a high-performing solution that is suitable for various applications. The sectors such as embedded systems, gaming, healthcare, transportation, automotive, industrial, security, and the server can create a difference towards the devices. So, enhance the data storage of your application and keep the files protected in a multitasking solution of the INSPIRE SATA III SSD. SATA SSDs are a viable solution for your storage needs.

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