The non-erasable and non-rewritable WORM Card reduces the risk of accidental deletion or illicit edits of wedding photographs.

Do you have ever experienced the stress of losing the photographs of a wedding that you have recently covered? At least you can assume how bad can be the situation for both parties. Wedding Photography is one of the crucial things for every photographer’s life. To reduce the fear of accidental removal or illegal edits to the wedding photographs, Flexxon WORM Card is the appropriate solution. It is a non-erasable and non-rewritable memory device that makes sure all the photographs remain unalterable once saved.

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Ensure Safer Destination of Wedding Photographs

To manage a wedding photography studio, it is highly important to store and organize all the data related to the events. Until the photographs are delivered, it needs to be stored in a secured memory device. The WORM solution is appropriate to store these sorts of crucial data. Flexxon WORM comes with the SD and microSD card solution is a convenient and compatible solution. None can have the access to modify or erase anything from WORM gives you a safer destination to store.

Digital security is much needed for photographers to avoid the risks of data alteration or deletion. Flexxon understands the value of your creativity and the level of responsibility it takes to cover someone’s wedding by capturing their beautiful moments. If the photographs get deleted by mistake or somehow altered, it not only ruins the sweet memories of the clients but also causes a bad reputation for your skill and management system. To minimize the risk Flexxon WORM memory card is a perfect solution.

Features of Flexxon WORM Memory Card

Flexxon’s WORM microSD card is competent enough to maintain data integrity. All the updated features assure the photographers that the wedding photographs are stored in a secured memory device. The features are:

  • Replaces CD/DVD: WORM replaces CD/DVD ROM because these are slowly becoming obsolete in upgraded computers.
  • Unalterable Data: Stores and protects sensitive wedding photographs and videos from being edited or deleted by any sort of unlawful activity.
  • Illegal Action Notification: Prompts error notification to the photographer if someone attempts any illegal activity.
  • Plug and Play: Easy to use Plug and Play solution that does not require any software installation so the photographers can use it in their digital camera or on any device.

Benefits of Flexxon WORM Memory Card

The photographers often store their final work as a token to commemorate their experience for the years to come. Therefore, Flexxon WORM memory card pays attention to the safe archival of wedding photographs in one solution with the following benefits:

  • Integrated Security: Activates to WORM Function Mode and Write Protection Mode by default when connects to the device.
  • Speedy Access: Facilitates sequential writing for the photographer to store multiple files and make them irreversible.
  • Monitoring Tool: Utilizes the S.M.A.R.T tool to make sure the photographers can monitor the health feature of the WORM card and measure its compatibility.

Specifications of Flexxon’s WORM Memory Card

Flexxon WORM SD and microSD Card enhance the security features of sensitive wedding photographs. It has been manufactured in a certain way to provide the best security to the stored data by ensuring top-notch security protection. It includes:

SpecificationsWORM Memory Card
SD System6.1
File System32
Temperature Grade-25°C to 85°C

No matter how perfectly you shoot wedding photographs, if the photos are gone by mistake, your hard work, and creativity, all will go in vain. To make sure the photographs remain unalterable right after being stored, Flexxon WORM Memory Card is a suitable, tamper-proof, and unalterable memory solution. Try Flexxon SD or microSD card and get back up for the photography files of the wedding event and minimize the risk of any unprecedented events related to data alteration or deletion.

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