The Healthcare system is modernizing due to technological advancement. Maximum expertise is the key to enhance diagnosing the disease and providing proper treatment. In order to increase efficiency in protection, contact or recovery, and analysis of a large number of data; flash memory is the most effective and right now the essential one. The high-reliability feature and longer life cycle make it worth.
Flexxon in Medical
The medical devices require sophisticated data storage that can monitor and designed to operate systems and applications. Flexxon is utilizing the NAND flash market to beat the challenges in healthcare facilities. This industrial-grade solution has the highest reliability for NAND memory to process the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), digital X-ray, positron emission tomography, ultrasound, and digital cardiology and computed tomography.

Every healthcare application is crucial for saving lives. It has to go through intense situations to provide effective service 24/7. Therefore, it demands high standards of safety and reliability. It is necessary to provide a faster and accurate result supportive to patient’s care avoiding errors. Flexxon flash memory drives are rugged to provide service in extreme conditions. It can give high-throughput in a short time with the ability to perform in critical applications without failure.

Another challenge in medical applications can be the prompt access and results. There can be any emergency when it will be necessary to retrieve the patient’s historical records to ensure the best treatment right in time. Flexxon’s flash storage and memory drives are thoroughly tested and authorized from the basic components to the modules so that they can stay put in critical situations where time and safety is a major concern.

The flash-based data storages are the exact solution to meet the needs of emerging crisis at the market. Being a NAND flash storage manufacturer and designer, Flexxon is working hard to meet the rising demand in the healthcare facility. With extended reliability and durability, it also offers security and data protection for medical applications with intensive write/erase usage.
medical tool flexxon
The HighIOPS solution in Flexxon devices is suitable for the medical industry. It has the ability to deliver 8 times faster performance for small data transfer in medical applications. The technology has been improvised with power loss protection to minimize data loss during the unexpected loss of power. Flexxon also supports smaller capacity in storage devices (as low as 128MB) exactly in the size that a medical application will need. The hospitals can get exactly what they need by utilizing smaller capacity storage and save funds.

Flexxon facilitates the medical applications with SD and microSD, mSATA SSD, eMMC, DOM PATA, and USB DOM to ensure correct, timely and consistent patient reports. If you are looking for something like this in your facility, contact us!


  • Functional data storage to operate the medical applications
  • Sets high standards for safety and reliability
  • Offers data security and protection with intensive write/erase usage
  • Longer duty cycles effective 24/7
  • Good sequential performance
  • Faster and accurate result
  • Rugged to provide service in extreme situations
  • High-throughput in the shortest period of time
  • Performs in critical applications without any failure
  • Quick data transfer
  • Power loss protection during unexpected power shut down


  • Cardiac Monitoring
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Defibrillators
  • Computed Tomography
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Apnea monitoring
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Magnetic Resonance
  • Metering equipment

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