CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine is specifically used for patients who have breathing problems such as sleep apnea or chronic snoring. CPAP therapy helps to make sure that the airway does not collapse while sleeping. It is also effective to treat the infants whose lungs have not yet been developed completely. The CPAP machine blows air through the nostril that helps inflate the lungs of the baby. Apart from this, the machine has several benefits such as reducing daytime fatigue, improve focus, lowering blood pressure as well as decreasing the risk of heart diseases and other medical conditions.



The Positive Airway Pressure from the CPAP machine improves the sleeping experience mostly, therefore it is used as a home care product as well. The machine consists of a mask that fits over the nose, or nose and mouth of the patient. It blows air at a certain rate of pressure that keeps the airway open. To understand the effectivity of the CPAP machine, it needs to seal the airways tightly enabling continuous air pressure from the CPAP.

The adjustment process is different for every patient and it also depends on the CPAP machine use. Many take months to adjust whereas it only takes a few days for the others. Based on the preferences, there are various types of CPAP machines and masks so it is highly important to get the one according to the suggestion of doctors and sleep technologists to make sure it is comfortable for the CPAP therapy. Some include a humidifier to keep nose and mouth hydrated. A few come with a built-in heater that makes the air warm and moist first.


Throughout time, the CPAP devices have become smaller, lighter, and much quieter. To utilize most of it, proper care and maintenance are necessary.

The CPAP machine compression sits in the room temperature, pressurizes according to that and delivers the filtered Positive Airway Pressure.

The machine is set to deliver pressure from 4cm to a maximum of 25cm. This requires medical record data storage because this CPAP data download will help for further medical consultation.

To record the pressure, temperature and a few other related rates, the CPAP machine uses the following:

  • Small form factors of medical record data storage in smaller in size with High IOPS solutions to record every detail effectively in seconds.
  • A good quality connector is needed to absorb shock and vibration from during the procedure.
  • The robust storage with power loss protection to make sure the machine can take the reading during unexpected power shut down.


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