Digital Imaging and Communications is a standard protocol that is used in most healthcare facilities for managing and transmitting medical images like CT scans, X-RAY, MRI, and other related data. The DICOM server specifies a non-proprietary data interchange protocol of DICOM image processing including digital image format, and file structure for biomedical images, and image-related information. This innovation consists of five general application areas, such as;

  • Network image management
  • Network image interpretation
  • Network print management
  • Imaging procedure management, and
  • Off-line storage media management

The manufacturers and imaging equipment, imaging information systems as well as other peripheral equipment conforms DICOM services with better compatibility to the medical imaging facility. It is an effective process in potentially low cost of care with a faster processing system.



WORD Memory Card

WORM Card is a tamper-proof memory storage solution that protects the sensitive data files from being deleted, modified, or overwritten. The Flexxon WORM Memory Card is the perfect solution that DICOM services require to enhance the security attributes ensuring the highest level of integrity to keep all the stored information intact.

Flexxon WORM Features:

  • Unalterable data storage: WORM eliminated the threats of data being modified or deleted. Once patient’s confidential records are stored, into WORM, it cannot be altered or removed.
  • Default WORM Card mode: The tamper-proof WORM solution does not require to enable any software. This Default WORM Card Mode enables real-time monitoring and prohibiting illegal actions towards the data.
  • Replace CD/DVD Drives: Old WORM media such as CD-R/DVD-R are becoming obsolete so people are now utilizing the flash devices like memory cards and USB drives. WORM can be the best alternative for this.
  • Ensures Data Integrity: WORM card technology can be utilized in DICOM Medical Imaging, electronic health record (EHR), or electronic medical record (EMR).
Comparing With Competitors Compare the benefits of using Flexxon memory drives in DICOM:
  • WORM preserves the integrity of the recorded medical data which is compatible to use in any devices used under the DICOM standard. Flexxon WORM Card takes special care so that none can alter or modify the authenticity of the information once written but the data can be read a million times.
  • The Flexxon WORM card enables write-protection mode so that whenever someone attempts to change any information from the memory card, it prohibits such illegal activities and keeps the data safe and secure.
  • The majority of the WORM card in the market requires software installation but Flexxon WORM card does not. It is a plug and play device and starts to work immediately into the medical applications.
  • Not all sorts of medical applications require immense capacity for data storage and this Flexxon comes out with the smallest capacity in WORM starting from 4GB up to 32GB of memory capacity.
  • Some of the medical applications provide electronic data archiving and distribution supports to other organizations in the medical imaging and recording management field. For them, the Flexxon WORM card is the ultimate storage to provide the output in a tamper-proof solution other than using CD, DVD, or Blueray which are becoming obsolete now.



Memory storage devices are crucial for DICOM interoperability because certain information tends to have the highest level of integrity. It stores sensitive information of the patient which needs to be intact for error-free diagnosis. The message standardizes comprehensive specifications of information content, structure, encoding, and communications protocol for electronic interchange of diagnostic and therapeutic images or related information.

The specific digital image communication is applied to any field of medicine that can be predominantly used in radiology, cardiology, oncology, obstetrics, and dentistry. Therefore, data security is imperative.

WORM Memory Card

WORD Memory Card
  • Power loss protection
  • Read disturbance management
  • Auto read refresh management
  • Smart function

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