Military applications require the storage product to be able to work under harsh environments, with components subject to mechanical shocks, high humidity, extreme temperatures, as well as hazardous materials. Flexxon offers customized high-quality and ruggedized industrial grade solutions with customization services specifically for military market,, such as conformal coating, underfill and AES encryption, to meet specific application demands and to ensure optimum endurance and reliability. Especially it require high security of data, write protection, quick erase etc.

Military Image

Flexxon NAND memory solutions come in a variety of form factors to accommodate to stringent spatial constraints of different kinds of devices and equipment, including M.2 SSDs, mSATA SSDs, mSATA Mini SSDs, half-slim SSDs, Memory cards, CF cards etc.

Our Supportability

    • Ability to instantly and securely erase all data
    • Longer duty cycles
    • Ruggedize environment -Resistance to Shock, Vibration, Extreme
    • Temperature
    • Customization to meet the environment requirements
    • AES Encryption
    • Military Grade MIL-STD-810G

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