Industrial Grade Selection in a combination of operating temperatures and technologies ( MLC, pSLC and SLC ) to achieve a balance of cost effectiveness and performance

Support for special non-standard capacities and solution

Implement Industrial Design and Quality Control

Implement Industrial Manufacturing

PCBA design comply with IPC-600 CL2 / IPC-610 CL2

Fixed BOM Solutions, no changes to the controller, firmware or NAND without the issuance of a Product Change Notification

Support High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) business

Hardware and Firmware customization services

PCN /DCN Procedure for Industrial Product

Includes regulatory Cert (UL, CE, WEEE, ROHS)

In addition to the stringent quality controls in our manufacturing processes, we also perform thorough and regular Ongoing Reliability Testing (ORT). The ORT testing scrutinizes many aspects of the NAND product through Endurance, Performance, Extended Temperature Testing and Visual inspection.