FLEXXON focuses in the Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical and Automotive markets that put us in the position to support the longest life cycle Fixed-BOM solutions to worldwide customers. In addition, Flexxon is the only manufacturer who currently supports products like SD or microSD MLC in low densities (1G & 2G) that have been obsoleted by other manufacturers.


Two options for the EOL (End-of-Life) management

No changes with same series of product

Flexxon guarantees 3-5 years on SLC and 2-3 years for MLC with Fixed BOM solution. We are able to extend the product for another 3-5 years on SLC and 2-3 years on MLC, by keeping the same controller and changing only the NAND Flash. Since the controller did not change, there will be no need to update the host controllers and the related drivers every time the NAND goes through a die shrink or an increase in storage capacity.

Fixed BOM solutions

Flexxon offers long term Fixed BOM solutions to customers who cannot accept NAND die shrinks or any changes to the product. Since Flexxon has the largest account base of Industrial, Medical and Automotive customers sharing the same requirements, Flexxon can stock up both the controllers and NAND flash required to support the long term requirements of these customers.