PCIe SSD: The transportation and automotive sectors are central to the worldwide economy, stimulating progress and fostering innovation. It conceptualizes, produces, and transports vehicles to convey people and goods. The transportation and automotive industries persistently contribute to the global economy. The Global Market Report reveals that the automotive manufacturing segment attained a value of $2.9 trillion in 2022, registering an impressive CAGR of 3.1%, contributing approximately 3% to the world’s overall GDP output.

PCIe-SSD in the transportation and automotive Industry:

PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express)-SSDs present numerous advantages over traditional storage devices, making them the preferred option for the transportation and automotive sector, where data reliability and integrity are paramount. These high-speed storage devices offer superior power efficiency, exceptional read and write speeds, reduced latency, wider bandwidth, and improved reliability for processing, storing, and accessing automotive data.

Industrial PCIe NVMe SSDs are becoming increasingly common in various industries, including transportation and automotive, to improve data transfer speeds and processing capabilities. This technology allows for real-time analysis of data collected from different systems and devices, which can enhance safety features, enable predictive maintenance, and improve overall performance. As the demand for data storage continues to grow, the automotive industry is expanding its storage capabilities to accommodate the increasing amount of data generated by sensors and other onboard systems. Automobile manufacturers are incorporating advanced storage technologies like PCIe SSDs to improve overall capacity and performance and to enable new technologies such as autonomous driving, advanced infotainment systems, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The PCIe-SSDs expedite data processing, allowing vehicles to respond to environmental changes with greater precision and speed.

Reliable Storage for Transportation & Automotive Industry: FLEXXON's PCIe-SSD!

Flexxon is a renowned manufacturer of industrial-grade NAND Flash solutions that aim to transform the storage industry by delivering unparalleled reliability and endurance. With the widespread use of the internet, transportation and automotive applications have become increasingly sophisticated. Flexxon’s PCIe SSD NVMe products offer exceptional performance and stability, making them ideal for streamlining high-density transport and automotive workloads. Flexxon’s PCIe-SSDs feature proven controller technology, NAND flash, and passive components, resulting in rapid access speeds. These have been designed to tackle the obstacles encountered in the transportation and automotive industries, empowering equipment manufacturers to create intelligent, secure, and sustainable machinery for modern applications. These PCIe SSDs equipped with industry-leading AES-256-bit full disk encryption to ensure data protection and comply with federal agencies’ strict security requirements. They also support TCG OPAL and TCG Pyrite protocols, which can initialize, authenticate, and manage encrypted SSDs using independent software and maintain RoHS standards compliance.

Flexxon provides automotive-grade PCIe-SSD that has undergone rigorous testing to meet the strict qualifications expected by automakers. Flexxon’s PCIe SSDs come in various models, such as the PCIe M.2 2280 SSD with Gen3x4 and Gen4x4 interface and PCIe NVMe U.2 SSD with Gen3x4 interface. These models comply with NVMe 1.3, 1.4, industrial, and commercial standards, offering faster data transfer rates and storage sizes of up to 4TB and 8TB, respectively, for high-end automotive computing performance. The PCIe-SSD HIX Series supports both Commercial (0~70°C) and Industrial (Silver Grade 0~70°C & Diamond Grade -40~85°C) temperatures, making it suitable for rugged automotive applications that generate multiple data. The SSDs are optimized for ultra-low latency and high quality of service extended memory capacity, ensuring optimal performance without compromising speed.

Benefits of FLEXXON’s PCIe-SSD for the Transportation and Automotive Industry:

Flexxon’s PCIe SSDs provide end-to-end data path protection. Their data recovery algorithm detects hardware, firmware, and memory errors, making them suitable for automotive applications requiring high I/O operations, faster boot times, and improved user experience. These plug & play devices feature high-speed data transfer rates and a small footprint, making them ideal for space-limited and data-intensive transport and automotive applications.

The PCIe-SSD endorses the optimum device with an on-die thermal sensor, S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring, advanced SSD Telemetry logging features, and Thermal throttling, which helps cool the system by lowering the speed when it gets too hot. Flexxon’s PCIe SSDs reinforce device security with Intelligent Scan, Crypto Erase, Data Refresh, and remote firmware updates available via a secured digital signature, enhancing data integrity. The general-purpose input/output (G.P.I.O.) connector on the Flexxon PCIe SSDs series can manage incoming and outgoing digital signals, specifically for the secure erase and write protect functions. The Flexxon PCIe SSDs, support multiple reliable capacity configurations ranging from 120GB to 8TB and include advanced proprietary features such as end-to-end data protection, Flash Management, Power Management, Smart ECC, Drive log, Smart Refresh capabilities, and data caching abilities. These remarkable features are responsible for the outstanding maximum throughput, quickest response time, and maximal quality offered by Flexxon’s PCIe-SSDs;

  • Conforms to the NVMe 1.3 Standard: Delivers effective performance method verification process for transportation and automotive interface lineup.
  • Lower Latency: Lower latency implies the highest rates in data transfer, bandwidth, and frequency, along with an upgraded speed for encryption and decryption of transportation and automotive data.
  • High-Quality Flash Storage: The PCIe SSD is manufactured using the newest 3D NAND innovation with its architecture, including a 3K P/E cycle flash, augmented endurance, and reliability; it is an ideal storage solution for embedded usage in high-density transportation and automotive equipment.
  • The PCIe 3×4 and 4×4 Interfaces: The FLEXXON PCIe SSD offers the most versatile interfaces with facile connection to the drive for four-lane transportation and automotive equipment configurations.
  • Standard Range of Form Factors: Widely used in various industries in diversities of standard form factors, which makes the PCIe SSD compatible with transportation and automotive equipment.
  • Supports TCG OPAL/AES/PYRITE: The PCIe SSD supports several security and storage technologies/devices, such as data encryption and data security warranting data handling in transportation and automotive equipment
  • Advanced Wear leveling: The PCIe SSD optimizes the transportation and automotive equipment to ensure erasure and rewrites in the memory blocks by even distribution on every layer with the cells lodging an equal write enabling an extended life expectancy.
  • Bad block management: The PCIe SSD is immune from data corruption in transportation and automotive equipment. Bad block management allows the drive to classify and label lousy data blocks, consequently stopping writing data on these “unusable blocks” to increase the reliability of the PCIe SSDs.
  • Advanced Security Features: Provides immense security and enhances reliability to protect transportation and automotive data using Secure Erase, Crypto Erase, and data encryption.
  • Thermal throttling: Reduces the speed of SSD to dissipate the excessive heat within the SSD chipset if the temperature significantly rises for transportation and automotive applications.
  • Power loss protection (PLP): Prevents accidental transportation and automotive applications crucial data loss and PCIe SSD corruption while writing when an abrupt power failure occurs by including power capacitors.
  • SMART Tool: The PCIe SSD supports the Linux command and Windows to read the SMART information, enabling a shorter time to monitor the health, durability, and remaining life of the PCIe SSD installed in transportation and automotive applications to avoid grave failures.
  • Longevity Supply: Supports up to 10 years of the product life cycle for transportation and automotive applications to save the customer’s time and effort in re-qualifying a new product.
  • Supports Conformal Coating: PCIe SSDs conformal coating is a rugged technology that protects the entire device against environmental threats by applying a water and particle-resistant coating to the printed circuit board (PCB) and all embedded components for transportation and automotive applications.

Applications of the PCIe-SSD in the Transportation and Automotive Sector:

In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) Systems:
PCIe-SSDs’ faster data transfer rates, reduced power consumption, and improved durability allow seamless integration with infotainment system components, leading to superior performance and enriched user experience. Tesla’s Model S and Model X vehicles’ infotainment system, which uses a PCIe-SSD, exemplifies this with expedited boot-up times and faster access to diverse features like music and maps.

Advanced driver assistance (ADAS) Systems:
Advanced driver assistance (ADAS) systems play a pivotal role in autonomous driving, necessitating vast amounts of real-time data processing. Autonomous drive computers rely on a confluence of data from sensors, maps, and AI databases, which must be stored in high-speed and dependable PCIe SSDs to surmount bandwidth, latency, and capacity constraints in ADAS.

Navigation data storage and 4G/5G connectivity subsystem:
PCIe-SSDs offer real-time in-vehicle navigation data storage for the autonomous drive computer, circumventing latency and connectivity issues when accessing cloud-based navigation data and enabling expedited routing. SSDs provide a connectivity solution for radio modules with a 4G/5G connectivity subsystem, enabling low-latency communication between vehicles and external networks. This delegate enhanced safety and convenience features, including over-the-air software updates, real-time traffic alerts, and remote diagnostics.


The need for new solutions that seamlessly integrate high-speed storage with in-car computing power is becoming more pronounced to support the efficient processing of heavy workloads without system lags or slowdowns. Flexxon’s PCIe SSD’s undergoes significant research and development, resulting in exceptional qualities such as high performance, durability, reliability, scalability, flexibility, and faster speeds. Our PCIe SSDs offer superior transfer speeds and outperform other storage solutions. This makes it a robust and reliable storage solution that can handle demanding workloads in the transportation and automotive industries while enhancing the driving experience and ensuring safer journeys.

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