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WORM microSD/SD Card

Write-Once-Read-Many commercial grade memory cards are specifically built for applications where data reliability and safety are paramount.

A unalterable, non-rewritable, and non-erasable solution that ensures data integrity within the WORM SD/MicroSD cards.

FLEXXON WORM card comes in Default WORM card mode that do not require activation of any software application.

microSD - 4GB
microSD - 8GB
microSD - 16GB
microSD - 32GB
microSD - 64GB
microSD - 128GB
SD card - 4GB
SD card - 8GB
SD card - 16GB
SD card - 32GB
SD card - 64GB
SD card - 128GB
SD card - 256GB
SD/microSD to USB Type-A Adapter

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