microSD Card Connector

MicroSD Card Connector

  • 8 Pin, Push Push Ejection, Surface Mount Type
  • Dimension: 15.25mm × 14.05mm × 1.9mm

Part Number:FZMSDIF08R1RH

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  • Industrial temperature range -40°C ~ +85°C
  • Insertion/withdrawal speed at 25±3mm/min and force at 40N max
  • Gold-plated bevelled contacts secure electrical connection
  • Metal-shielded cover
  • Polarization features to prevent incorrect card insertion
  • Mechanism prevents card from flying out upon ejection
  • Fully automated production to secure high quality consistency.
  • 100% automated in-line inspection.
  • 14 types stringent reliability test.
  • Halogen and lead free.
  • RoHS Compliance.
  • REACH Compliance.