Solution to increasingly compact embedded systems with high performance.

What is eMMC Storage Designed for

Flexxon eMMCs product family is an embedded memory solution that combines eMMC NAND Flash
memory, embedded MultiMediaCard controller, and advanced firmware in a BGA package (100balls & 153
balls). It is a compact, robust and highly cost effective NAND flash storage solution. Flexxon eMMC
products are compliant with the JEDEC® e.MMC™ v5.1, v5.0, v4.x interface and protocol standard.

eMMC Storage Benefits

When working with native NAND Flash components, the host system needs to actively manage data written and read at physical memory locations and correct bit errors as the data are read back from NAND Flash. Designers must implement the necessary ECC engine and data management algorithm in the host system, increasing the burden on host hardware, software design and validation. In addition, revision to the design is often required during the replacement of a NAND flash component. eMMC Storage is a perfect solution to negate the issues as it functions as a block storage device, interacting with the host system through an abstract interface protocol.

In eMMC, the host system simply reads and writes data to and from the Logical Block Addresses. The eMMC controller hardware and firmware lifts the burden on the host system by performing error correction and data management. With the standardization by JEDEC®, Flexxon eMMC ensures compatibility and interoperability with all suppliers.

eMMC Card Overview

Tailor-made Firmware
Highly Integrated eMMC Solution
Package Design

Flexxon eMMC Flash Series

Pin Count 153-ball 153-ball 100-ball 100-ball
Interface eMMC 5.1 / 4.x eMMC 5.1 / 4.x eMMC 5.0 / 4.x eMMC 5.1
Flash type MLC, 3D TLC 3D TLC MLC 3D TLC
3D TLC 32GB ~ 128GB2 16GB ~ 128GB1 - 64GB ~ 512GB3
MLC 4GB ~ 16GB1 - 8GB ~ 16GB2 -
Read 270 MB/s 310 MB/s 270 MB/s 300 MB/s
Write 120 MB/s 210 MB/s 120 MB/s 200 MB/s
Operating Temperature -25C ~ 85C -40C ~ 85C -40C ~ 85C -40C ~ 85C
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