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Flexxon‘s eSD card, or embedded SD card, is a reliable and rugged storage solution tailored for industrial and embedded applications. These eSD cards provide high endurance, shock and vibration resistance, and wide temperature range support. With varying capacities, they are ideal for applications requiring robust and dependable flash storage.

Our eSD card comes with an SD 2.0/ SD 3.0 interface. It is compatible with SD Interface and JEDEC 100ball BGA. It comes in three flash types, i.e; MLC, SLC, and pSLC, each offering up to 64GB, 16GB, and 32GB maximum storage, respectively. It offers up to 95 MB/s read and up to 80 MB/s write speed.

eSD Card provides a high data transfer rate, high random IOPS, Power Loss Protection, and read/program disturb management, etc. It is designed for high performance, good reliability, and wide compatibility, suitable for Industrial applications.

esd card

eSD Card - Features

Embedded Applications
Embedded SD JEDEC 100Ball BGA
Series eSD
Feature Embedded SD JEDEC 100Ball BGA Embedded SD JEDEC 100Ball BGA
Interface SD 2.0/ SD 3.0
Speed Class Up to Class 10
UHS mode UHS-I
Flash Type SLC, MLC, pSLC
SLC 512MB ~ 16GB
MLC 8GB ~ 64GB
pSLC 4GB ~ 32GB
Read 95 MB/s
Write 80 MB/s
Temperature Grade Industrial (Gold & Diamond)
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FAQs - eSD Card

An eSD Card differs from a standard SD Card in its application and form factor. While both support SD interface and share the same electrical interface, eSD Cards are designed for embedded systems, offering compact size, increased durability, and may include additional features suitable for industrial applications. As eSD is non-removable and soldered on board, it can avoid the vibration issue for the design.
Typical storage capacities for eSD cards can range from 512 MB to 64 GB, offering a diverse range of options to accommodate various embedded applications and data storage needs.
eSD follows the same SD interface. Therefore, users can replace the existing SD card with eSD by only redesigning the hardware from a microSD/SD slot to the eSD form factor in BGA100. Users do not need to redesign the software as eSD follows the SD standard.
Flexxon eSD Card are designed for industrial applications, offering enhanced durability and resistance to harsh conditions, while others may have standard environmental specifications.
Yes, eSD Cards are designed to be used in industrial and ruggedized environments. They often feature enhanced durability, resistance to temperature extremes, shock, vibration, and humidity.


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