2.5 PATA Hard Drive

2.5 PATA Hard Drive for Rugged Conditions

Flexxon’s 2.5 PATA Hard Drive has a standard ATA IDE interface, which is fully compatible with traditional ATA/IDE hard disk drives (HDD).

2.5″ PATA SSD supports Static, Dynamic & Global Wear Leveling. It is compliant with data transfer up to Ultra DMA Mode 6 and offers Sudden Power Fail Management that transcends PATA Hard Drive available in the market. It has an AES 128 and 256-bit encryption engine and is compliant with RoHS standards.

2.5 PATA Hard Drive offers high performance and durability, catering to industrial applications or embedded systems.

2.5 PATA Hard Drive

2.5 PATA Hard Drive Features

High capacity up to 8TB
High Capacity
High Reliability
High IOPS Performance
Feature High IOPS Performance High Capacity High Reliability Support AES Encryption High IOPS Performance High Capacity High Reliability Support AES Encryption
Compliance Up to Ultra DMA mode 7
Form Factor 2.5″ PATA SSD
Flash Type SLC, MLC
SLC 8GB ~ 128GB
MLC 16GB ~ 128GB
Read 110 MB/s
Write 90 MB/s
Temperature Grade Industrial
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FAQs - 2.5 PATA

The maximum storage capacity of Flexxon 2.5-inch PATA hard drive is 1 TB. However, capacities may vary depending on the specific models.
The data transfer rate of Flexxon 2.5-inch PATA Hard Drive is typically up to 86 MB/s, which is the maximum speed supported by Flexxon
The cache size of a Flexxon 2.5-inch PATA Hard Drive affects performance by serving as a temporary data buffer. A larger cache allows the drive to store more frequently accessed data, improving read and write speeds and overall responsiveness.
Flexxon 2.5 PATA Hard Drives are compatible with older devices that use Parallel ATA technology, such as some legacy laptops, portable storage solutions, and certain industrial equipment.
Flexxon 2.5 PATA Hard Drives typically have specific power requirements, drawing power from the system’s power supply or an external power source. The exact specifications can vary.


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