PATA DOM SSD | DOM Flash Industrial Grade

Flexxon’s PATA DOM complies with the 40 PIN and 44 PIN IDE/ATA standard interface.

Industrial PATA DOM is a compact, robust storage solution for industrial applications, using Parallel ATA interface. It offers reliable, high-capacity data storage in a durable, space-efficient form factor.

It supports advanced Flash Management, sudden power fail management and data transfer up to Ultra DMA Mode 4, Multi-word DMA Mode 4, and PIO Mode 6.

It offers good performance, wide compatibility, and high reliability, which is suitable for data storage media and code storage devices for embedded systems and boot disks.

PATA DOM Features

Wide Compatibility
Wide Compatibility
High Reliability
Embedded Applications
Suitable For Embedded Application
Feature Wide Compatibility High Reliability Suitable For Embedded Applications Wide Compatibility High Reliability Suitable For Embedded Applications
ComplianceUltra DMA Mode 4
Flash TypeSLC
Capacity128MB ~ 4GB
Read43 MB/s
Write28 MB/s
Temperature GradeIndustrial
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Typical storage capacities for Flexxon PATA DOM can range from a 128 MB to 4 GB, providing a compact and reliable storage solution for various embedded systems and industrial applications.
Yes, Flexxon’s PATA DOM can be used as boot devices in embedded systems. They are often employed to store the operating system and other critical software in scenarios where compact, reliable, and durable storage is required.
Flexxon PATA DOM are suitable for various embedded applications, including industrial automation, thin clients, point-of-sale systems, kiosks, and other scenarios where compact, reliable, and low-power storage solutions are essential.
Flexxon PATA DOMs are typically powered through the same power source as the embedded system they are connected to. They usually draw power from the system’s power supply or motherboard.
Yes, PATA DOMs can be used in conjunction with industrial computers. They provide a reliable and compact storage solution for industrial applications where durability, low power consumption, and resistance to environmental factors are important considerations.


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