Flexxon Introduces High Capacity, High Performance 64TB PCIe NVMe SSD

Different sectors generate tons of digital data every day. This leads to data storage problems as storage media for such terabytes of data is limited. Flexxon has the solution for data centers with their upcoming 64TB PCIe NVMe with over 20GBps performance. This world’s largest capacity and fastest speed SSD is expected to drive technology.

Flexxon’s 64TB PCIe SSD specifications

It has a record-breaking of 20GB/s performance and optimized low power design. This should be good news for data centers and enterprise who runs applications that require intense data read and write. These companies can now transfer their data at maximum speed and with a reduced need for robust cooling systems.

Flexxon’s ultra-high capacity SSD will come as a PCIe Gen4 NVMe storage. This will ensure that it fits in most of the world applications that use this standard. There will be more form factors to be considered for specialized applications. Flexxon also produces custom made ultra-high capacity PCIe SSDs specifically for your applications.

With ultra-high capacity and extreme speed, Flexxon’s PCIe NVMe SSD will be the ideal choice for data miners.

Features Summary

  • PCIe Gen4 NVMe storage
  • Up to 64TB raw capacity
  • Over 20GB/s performance
  • Less than 30us latency
  • Power efficient
  • Configurable security features
  • Power fail protection

Targeted applications

While Flexxon’s Ultra-High Capacity PCIe SSD is for AI, 5G, edge computing, dynamic cloud deployments, and HPC, provision to make it available to local consumers more affordable capacities are underway. Data centers, online transactions, and any other companies involved in huge data generation and transfer all require this new invention from Flexxon. Capacity and speed are no longer a problem as SSDs are highly scalable.Flexxon’s ultra-high capacity 64TB PCIe NVMe is a game-changer. The servers will then be able to process data at extreme speed as these drives offer over 20GBps data transfer rate. It is a major breakthrough now that enormous data can be transferred and stored without worries.

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