BGA SSD for Faster Performace

Flexxon’s BGA SSD has the Industrial SATA 3 interface with BGA form factor.

Oue BGA SSD features Advanced Flash Management, Low Power Management, power loss protection, advanced device security (secure erase and write protect), data compression technique and Adaptive Approach to Performance Tuning.

It is backwards compatible with SATA II (3Gb/s) and SATA I (1.5Gb/s) and is compliant with RoHS.

It is a DRAM-less design with good performance & high reliability, and is suitable for embedded applications.

Our BGA SSDs embody cutting-edge storage technology, combining a Ball Grid Array design with exceptional performance. Perfect for compact devices, they deliver high-speed, reliable storage in a minimal form factor. BGA SSDs redefine storage solutions, ensuring efficiency and speed for space-conscious applications.

BGA SSD Features

Dram Less Design
DRAM-less Design
High Performance
High Performance
Embedded Applications
Embedded Application
Feature High Performance DRAM-Less Design Embedded Applications High Performance
DRAM-Less Design
Embedded Applications
Flash Type MLC, 3D TLC
MLC 4GB ~ 128GB
3D TLC 32GB ~ 256GB
Read 550 MB/s
Write 480 MB/s
Temperature Grade Industrial / Commercial
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